A great program for “franken helau

"Franc helau" it resounded from 9 o'clock in the morning through the culture hall in steinwiesen. In the run-up to the 1. On advent sunday, the carnival in the carnival stronghold really got going again. The bavarian television and the fastnacht-association franken had for the casting for the broadcast "franken helau" asked. Fools from the entire district from mitwitz to ludwigsstadt had come together to present their program.

But it was not so easy for the jury to find the best performers. Because the criteria for a television broadcast are quite different from those for a live program in a hall. This time there were also great dance performances and sketches, but unfortunately they were not so suitable for television. Rudiger baumann, editor at BR 3, explained that too much hustle and bustle, too much confusion, and too long a performance on television don't bring good results. "We see this a little differently, it must finally arrive over the screen of the TV-gerates also well and clearly with the spectators", baumann said. And that's why the ten-strong jury didn't award any points or grades. Only and alone the television format paid and naturally the qualitat of the lecture or the dances. But one was actually always immediately in agreement, which can be taken and which not.

At the end eight word contributions, thus butter speeches and sketches as well as six dance numbers were selected. In addition the moderation of martin bittruf of the TVE gehulz, which surely still another moderator at the side gets, which is not yet well-known however. Musical entertainment for the show will be provided by marco plitzner, head of "blue moon orchestra with his small combo and the two "pausenfullern laurel and hardy aka fat and stupid. The steinwiesener elferrat is also part of the party and is also supposed to provide for atmosphere.

Organizationally, the event is certainly a challenge for all participants, but especially for the faschingsgesellschaft steinwiesen (FGS), which is responsible for the smooth running of the set-up and the catering. It is already a somewhat different league than the buttenabende, in which already a lot of work and heart blood is put. "But this one is a few levels higher", stresses the "franken-helau representative christian kremer, whose phone is almost stuck to his ear from all the calls he makes to BR. A lot of celebrities are expected, the hall will be totally rebuilt and prepared for carnival, the audience must be masked, otherwise they will not get in and still countless small and big problems must be solved.

Participants at franken helau

For steinwiesen and the district of kronach, for all the big and small fools, "franken helau" is a great success the opportunity to show what they can do. And so from steinwiesen are present the youth council with the "mull barrels", the hubschen madels of the prinzengarde of the FGS and also the "pantomimischen tanzerinnen" of the group "rotkappchen. There were already laughs at the casting for the "alt fraa" moni reibig, who also scored with her mimicry. The district guard u15, who fully convinced the jury, as well as the mysterious dancers of "dance 4 fun" are still present mitwitz with their "arabian nights". The kronich fousanocht will present itself in a rock'n roll show and the kronach maidens will go on a pilgrimage to find a husband.

Buttenreden of the finest present the "trulla" from steinberg, which is so hateful that the mirror turns around and wolfgang baumann of the kroniche fousanocht as an "air snake pilot". Also from kronach comes robert porzelt, who, after his speech about the french clob, also has the battle cry "feuerdunnekeil" DECLARED. The next generation is not asleep either, and so bruno treuner, a young talent from ludwigsstadt, steps in front of the camera. Aenne rebhan from nordhalben, who became german champion as a dance mariechen, and the "sumbache waschweiber" are sure to be highlights in the run-up to the casting, already known from fastnacht in franken.


The jury consisted of representatives of the franken carnival association, all of whom work on a voluntary basis, and of course the responsible persons of bavarian television. First and foremost, of course, marco anderlik (president) and bernhard (honorary president) and christl schlereth as well as norbert greger (district president of upper franconia) from the carnival association. BR 3 was represented by rudiger baumann (editor), benjamin baumann (editor), norbert kuber (editor), franz gassenberger (director), katharina meibner (assistant director) and barbara furian (production designer).

Broadcast series "franken helau

With "franken helau the bavarian radio station, in cooperation with the franken carnival association e.V. The goal of preserving fastnacht, fasching and carnival in their original form and presenting them to a large audience. The broadcast "franken helau comes alternately always from one of the franconian government districts. After the central franconian market bibart (2018) and the broadcast from karlstadt on the main in lower franconia (2019) is now with steinwiesen again upper franconia to the row.