Art networked

A new heat wave is sweeping the region, but interest in the new ramsthaler haus erlebenskunst project continues unabated. Well over 60 people interested in art met at the riders’ bench in the middle of town for the opening of the new ramsthal art trail. The inauguration of the 2.6-kilometer loop trail – located at the western end of the community of ramsthal, idyllically below the vineyards – was a magnet. Five sculptures created during the first ramsthal sculpture symposium as part of the 2019 art week line the partly paved, partly grassy road. Made primarily of wood, they are the start of a possible art path that will extend to other places.

Sculptures for this artistic networking of ramsthal, for example with wirmsthal, euerdorf and other communities, could be created within the framework of new art days in the coming years, according to the wish of the initiators. The ramsthal experience art association.V., active in art, creativity and networking for many years, has once again created something very special with this art trail. Something that has lasted far beyond the biennial art week.

Thea kebler and bernhard gobmann-schmitt, the two chairmen of the association, are delighted. Many people interested in art and representatives of various offices, from deputy district administrator emil muller to ramsthal mayor alfred gundling, honorary burghers, municipal councillors, club members and wine princess mirjam gobmann-schmitt came to attend the opening ceremony. Gobmann-schmitt thanked the three artists sebastian bach, klaus schneider and gunter noleke who were present for their works. He also did not forget to express his appreciation to the members and helpers of the association for their tireless efforts. A commitment without which this project would not have been possible.

"The idea for this art trail came to us during a visit to weimar", according to gobmann-schmitt. As the first expert, the euerdorf artist helmut droll was brought on board, as well as partners and sponsors, such as the forest corporation altenreichthal, which made the tree trunks available to the artists.

The wooden sculpture otto von bambergs forms the first station located in the middle of the village. Bishop otto has, according to kessler, a special significance for ramsthal. It made the foundation of the village possible. The sculpture was created by sebastian bach, and QR codes embedded in the sculpture encourage visitors to delve deeper into the subject matter. The sculpture was realized with the donations from the monthly fundraising coffees, kebler was told. "The logo was created in a joint effort and shows a double mirrored "K", so thea kebler. "The K stands for kunstweg, and the reflection stands for the envisaged, possible networking with the neighboring towns in the coming years thanks to newly created sculptures."

Freshly supplied with drinks the group started: whether to fub, in the wheelchair, in the baby carriage or with walking sticks. The second art station is reached via a paved path along the schrebergarten near the street. Klaus schneider, creator of the ikarus sculpture, introduces the saga of ikarus. "Networking", the third sculpture was created from 250 meters of round steel by the artist gunter noleke, who lives in gambach. Today is also a premiere for noleke, as it is the first of his sculptures to be found in public space. The fourth sculpture, the saint urban by the artist margit unterthiner, is located directly below the vineyards.

Herbert holzheimer’s sculpture "grape sow can be seen all around. It is enthroned in the middle of a small island, and one could imagine here a beautiful wooden couch, on which one can comfortably look at stars and vineyards. As there was no such thing at the moment, the group of people interested in art went to the hope festival of the winery neder, to have a drink and talk about the inspiring walk on the art path.