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Jorg Rohde relies on experience

Jorg rohde relies on experience

To fight poverty, he is counting on a flourishing economy and, for good education, on the three-tier bavarian school system as well as more all-day programs. In an interview with the FT, jorg rohde, the FDP's direct candidate for the state parliament in the district of erlangen-hochstadt, is self-confident and close to the burghers.

Why should the selector put his cross by your name??
Jorg rohde: as state parliament vice president, county councilor, former member of the bundestag and district and county chairman of the FDP in central franconia, i can contribute a great deal of experience at several political levels to the next legislative period. After eight years as a full-time politician, i know the upcoming projects in the district of erlangen-hochstadt, central franconia and bavaria very well and was happy to continue my political work in the service of the burghers in munich.

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Young and old united in song

Numerous children from kindergartens and general education schools in bavaria took part in the music action day. The bavarian state music coordination office (BLKM) has three goals in mind with this action. She wanted to strengthen the cooperation between day-care centers, schools and associations, to create occasions for musical encounters and to encourage singing and making music together.

The singing events in teuschnitz have so far been carried out with the children's grandparents in the school, with the burghers of teuschnitz in the castle park, with the residents of the caritas home "in der heimat wohnen" and with the parents in the "maria himmelfahrt" church. This time, the herb garden was chosen, but the actors had to move into the school auditorium due to the weather. About 230 children and adults interested in music sat together and made music and sang together.

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Rating giant moody’s takes aim at german banks

Rating giant moody's takes aim at german banks

Moody’s lowered its outlook for 17 institutions from "stable" to "negative" late wednesday evening – a logical consequence of the worsening outlook for the federal government and six german states.

The decision may be a first step to a credit downgrade. A lower rating can make it harder and more expensive to raise fresh money. Lenders face higher likelihood of losing money.

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Power to the tur

Power to the tur

For the annual special exhibition for the advent season in the barockscheune, cultural adviser and chairman of the heimatverein herbert meyer has again put together something special. What the title "macht hoch die tur" does not quite reveal are advent calendars from private collections and small collectors’ pieces from bygone times, which are intended to bring joy in the pre-christmas period.

Colorful, decorative, and glittering in all variations, the different examples give an insight into the preferences of past decades, not to mention today’s modern calendars with chocolate and little surprises. On rough walls, herbert meyer and his helpers arranged the calendars according to motifs, such as "santa claus in his workshop," "christkindlhauser," "children and angels," "snow landscapes with animals," or calendars with christmas views of dresden, leipzig, nurnberg, bamberg and wurzburg. Objects from the first wartime christmas in 1939 or the first peace christmas can also be seen in a display case, including leaves with the sun wheel and the inscription "wintersonnenwende" instead of "weihnachten" as introduced by the national socialists.

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Petition for a referendum “save the bees” in forchheim: split opinion among county council members

petition for a referendum 'save the bees' in forchheim: split opinion among county council members

Martina roth took the opportunity to cast her vote for the possible "save the bees" referendum on the very first day submit. Shortly after 10 a.M. Yesterday, the woman from forchheim rode her bicycle to the residents’ registration office at sattlertorstrabe 5. After she had drawn a number, she was allowed to go to the counter.

First, an employee looks at the ID and checks whether the person is entitled to vote. Martina roth will then be handed the list of signatures and can vote for the referendum initiative.

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Made an impression as “forest area of the year

made an impression as

The frankenwald stood as a "forest area 2017" at the end of the year once again in the focus of the foresters. Those responsible for the successful campaign year met at the invitation of dirk luder from the office for food, agriculture and forestry (AELF) kulmbach and the head of the forestry operation rothenkirchen, peter hagemann, for a joint discussion at the forestry office rothenkirchen.

The frankenwald has proved to be a worthy bearer of the award "forest area of the year" proven. Bernd lauterbach, the bavarian regional chairman of the federation of german foresters, said he had never seen such a success story in one year before. The discussion about the national park in the meantime was not in the "sense of the inventor" has been. The
frankenwald is far away from the state capital munich and the headquarters of the bavarian state forest in regensburg. Nevertheless, the interaction of the various interest groups there has produced a powerful, positive impression. One could build on the encounters made in the various areas. Lauterbach called for: "keep up the good work in the frankenwald".

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Habberge district: dgb elects 29-year-old as leader

habberge district: dgb elects 29-year-old as leader

29-year-old anna schlechter is the new chairwoman of the newly constituted DGB district association habberge. At the delegates' meeting on thursday evening in zeil, the trade unionists implemented the DGB structural reform in the habberge district. Accordingly, there are no longer any regional chairmen, but rather district associations with district chairmen and a regional manager.

Members of the circle board
9,000 members of the german trade union federation, dgb, in habberge county, most of them through the industrial union (IG) metall, but also verdi, IG BAU, IG BCE, NGG, EVG, gdp and GEW are represented. Almost all sent delegates to zeil to install the new county executive committee. The members of the district executive committee have already been appointed. They are: jurgen hennemann, ines buschkamp, gunter appelmann, jochen sidon, thomas dietzel and thomas mann. Anna schlechter was nominated for the district chairmanship and elected without a dissenting vote.
The 29-year-old businesswoman for office communications actually comes from bad kissingen and was active in the IG metall union there for twelve years. She has lived in oberaurach for just under two years and continues to be involved in the DGB here. She thanked her predecessor, reiner greich, and promised to be fully involved in labor and social policy at all levels. "We are not running out of issues, she stated and asked for support. The delegates thanked reiner greich for his work over the past years.
In his review, he was able to present a proud list of events, ranging from information sessions to demonstrations. He was pleased about the change of generations and assured that he would be happy to support the new chairwoman of the DGB.
The previous regional chairman frank firsching gave the programmatic speech of the evening. With a view to the upcoming elections, he stated that it was not the task of the trade unions to make an election recommendation for a party or group. The DGB would rather formulate its positions clearly and test the parties on their attitude to labor and social policy. This gave voters the opportunity to form their own opinion of the new association.
For example, the event "heibe stuhl" contributes to this at the meeting held on wednesday, 24. July, at the "zur eisenbahn" inn will take place in zeil. Starting at 6 p.M., all state parliament candidates from the habberge/rhon-grabfeld constituency will face the following questions.
Firsching noted that wages have only risen in recent years for employees who enjoyed protection under collective bargaining agreements. At the same time, the low-wage sector had grown massively. The unions saw themselves as the conscience of society, because "the market has no conscience", he said. In order to curb wage dumping, the DGB is calling for a minimum wage of 8.50 euros and later ten euros. Whether it's temporary work, contract labor or women, the principle of "equal pay for equal work" must apply to all apply.

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Harry rowohlt: a reading is rock ‘n’ roll

Harry rowohlt: a reading is rock 'n' roll

Evenings with harry rowohlt are like meeting an old buddy again after a few years: we've grown older, sure, we're not quite as fit as we used to be, the days of all-nighters are over, but all in all we wear our gray hair with grace. Of course, we have not changed fundamentally, we also repeat ourselves and tell the stories of the past over and over again, but that is the right of us old people; perhaps the new generation has not heard it yet?

In the bamberg theater, which was sold out to the last seat on sunday evening, there were quite a few newcomers. Facebook (which rowohlt is guaranteed to hate) "lindenstraben"-fame, parental recommendation? One does not know. Everyone, from teenagers to grandmothers, gurgled and laughed.

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