Bavaria sweats in record april weather

Bavaria sweats in record april weather

Eating ice cream, barbecuing and sunbathing for the first time after the endless winter: the long-awaited start of spring has put bavaria in the vacation mood with record-breaking heat. In munich on saturday it was warmer than ever before on a day in april. The record high of 28.7 degrees set in 1934 was broken as early as midday, according to the german weather service in offenbach. In droves, people in bavaria flocked outdoors to enjoy the summer heat. Countless motorcyclists took advantage of the fine weather for the first tour of the year. Tens of thousands of bikers expected for a star ride in kulmbach, upper franconia.

On saturday, the people of munich could choose whether to enjoy themselves at the spring festival or the recently opened auer dult, relax in the shady beer garden or try out new ice cream creations such as honey-sesame or salt-peanut. Many people went to the isar for barbecue, picnic or sunbathing. Only for swimming in the lake was it still too cold with water temperatures in the single digits. Many leisure bathers, however, were pleased about a first rush of visitors.

Open-air bathers caught off guard by the weather change

Most of the city's outdoor swimming pools do not open until 1. May, some only in the weeks after. They were not prepared for spontaneous heat waves, because it takes up to three days to fill a swimming pool with water and to heat it up. In munich alone, more than 35 million liters of water are needed for all eight public swimming pools. It will take another five days before the pools are heated to a pleasant bathing temperature of 24 degrees celsius.

But winter sports enthusiasts also got their money's worth just before the end of the season. At around 2000 meters above sea level, snow conditions are still excellent. Ski season on the nebelhorn continues until tuesday, when winter sports finally come to an end. On the zugspitze, the last skiers already met the first sun worshippers at five degrees and strong winds. At the end of the season a big party is to be celebrated on the zugspitze.