Budget without room for special wishes

It’s not particularly lavish, and basically leaves the city of prichsenstadt hardly any room for special wishes: the 2019 budget. At first glance, the almost 19 million euros, or 18,981,194 euros to be precise, may seem quite substantial.

But a closer look reveals that kammerer marco kolln has done a great deal of hard work here. In view of the millions of euros that the city council has listed in its financial plan for the next four years, the committee is well aware of the following. Because the financial plan was already well thought out and the chamberer had made some minor changes, which were decided in the corresponding meeting, the speeches in the council meeting were also limited.

Financial feats of strength

The administrative budget is a good 7.5 million euros, an increase of 8.86 percent compared to 2018. In addition, there is the property budget with a little less than 11.5 million euros, and there are already financial feats waiting for the city. Key issues are the connection of the neudorf district to the group’s wastewater treatment plant, the new building at the "haus fur kinder, the new construction areas ziegelgarten VI, krautacker and ertlacker/dorfacker and the sewer rehabilitation in the old town. All nothing unknown for the council, and alexander kuhnl brought the budget to the point. "There is no luxury in it, it’s all just necessary expenses", he said. Mayor rene schlehr agreed: "these are purely compulsory tasks". As for example, the personnel expenses, which will climb accordingly to the high, because new positions must be created. For example, in child care, because the house for children, including after-school care, urgently needs to be renovated. New jobs are also being created at the building yard and in the administration.

Final remark

In the 2019 budget, according to the chamberlain’s concluding remarks in his preliminary report, "the long-planned investments that have not yet been realized for various reasons, especially the extension to the ‘haus fur kinder’, are becoming apparent and the canalization of the entire ausmab". Large loans had to be taken out and the planned reductions were "necessary and justified". Further investments in the coming years can only be "handled prudently" with a keen eye on the cash situation. After all, the debt level will rise to around 6.1 million euros in 2022, and kolln urged a "better degree of exhaustion of revenue sources to be considered. And: "from 2023, the budget must be allowed to recover without further borrowings." the city is "more urgently than ever in need of a forward-looking and well thought-out vision for the future".