Fesche brews try in wiesenthau “tree pushing”

Fesche brews try in wiesenthau

It is colorful with a full program. On the friday before the kerwa, the three wreaths for the stately kerwas tree have to be tied. The flags of the wreaths are yellow (symbol of the church), blue (bavaria) and red (franconia)", chairman gerhard romer explains the meaning. The girls tie the loops for the skirts of the men, decorate the bar in the tent.

Iron frame gives stability
"Behind every strong man there is a strong woman", let jennifer nogel know on the back of her t-shirt. "We want to support the boys in the erection of the kirchweih tree", she explains and pours the next mab of beer for the boys. On saturday afternoon, they fetch the almost 30-meter-long tree from the state forest near reuth. The regnitz musicians from burk played them to the site at the egelseer inn. Owner herbert egelseer has made the iron frame at the edge of the yard, which gives the tree support, himself. The tree is stabilized by wooden poles.

As the hole grew wider over the years and the tree became more unstable, herbert egelseer found the new solution. The tree slips into an iron shoe and finds a reliable hold between two sturdy iron rails. The spectacle of setting up the tree in front of the clubhouse in the center of the village attracts many spectators, both local and foreigners. The fire department regulates the traffic. Strong man hands grab, hoist the tree from the iron-tired wagon, attach the three wreaths in full ornamentation and place the rich decoration at the top of the tree.

Brew as a "building pusher
Trimmed by swallows, which are two long wooden poles connected to each other, the tree quickly gains in height. There must be breaks for a strong sip or a tense song. The way it has always been. The beautiful half-timbered house of the inn, the linden tree in the courtyard and the brass band music – it's a sight for sore eyes.

Katrin hofmann from erlangen, newly married, comes by in her white wedding dress; likewise nadine galster from kirchehrenbach. Both of them are about the "brautentfuhrung". They meet here by chance, but willingly try the "baamschubsen" at a swallow. There is a pleasant, exuberant atmosphere. And the sky makes a cheerful face to it.