Grune woche kicks off: focus on animal welfare and digitization

Grune Woche kicks off: focus on animal welfare and digitization

More animal welfare in the barn, more clarity about sugar, fat and salt in finished products for a healthier diet: at the start of green week in berlin, growing expectations are being voiced to food producers.

Federal agriculture minister julia klockner (CDU) called for a dialogue with consumers that should not be reflexively resisted by agriculture. But farmers shouldn’t be portrayed as the nation’s bogeyman either. The trade show, which opens its doors to visitors this friday, will feature exhibitors from all over the world until 27 september. January 1750 exhibitors from 61 countries.

Klockner promoted a more modern image of agriculture. "While self-driving trucks and increasing technology are exciting people, the farmer is still supposed to walk around the farm with the old milk jug, honking her horn," she said at the opening ceremony this evening. Digitized agriculture also offers the potential worldwide to produce more efficiently and conserve resources, and to feed more people. Berlin’s mayor michael muller (SPD) advocated open borders and trade relations. Great britain’s exit from the EU has already had negative consequences for many companies.

With regard to the planned state animal welfare label for meat in supermarkets, klockner insists on standards above the legal requirements. A holding label announced by several retail chains only reflects the actual state in the first stage. "I don’t know why this should be commended," she said. "When i stop at a red light, i don’t get a sticker for it.Honesty means that consumers have to pay more for animal welfare," said klockner, referring to prices.

Farmers’ president joachim rukwied warned that more money must go to farmers who invest in animal welfare. The industry is ready to cooperate. However, the label must not be allowed to become "niche" because of higher entry standards. The environmental organization greenpeace criticized that only a fraction of the products had been awarded the label. After all, the trade also shows products from poor husbandry with its labeling.

The state label will be introduced in three stages, starting in 2020 for pork. Farmers should be able to use them voluntarily. Criteria that will have to be met have not yet been defined. Already from 1. April, aldi, edeka, kaufland, lidl, netto, penny and rewe want to introduce uniform package imprints with the inscription "haltungsform" for beef and pork as well as poultry in the stores. The first of four levels meets the legal standard.

In the fight against obesity, the grand coalition wants to present proposals by mid-year for clearer nutritional labeling on finished products such as yogurt and frozen pizzas. "We want to have easier recognition," said klockner. The long-discussed "pure traffic light labeling" with red, yellow and green for the content of sugar, fat and salt has been "overcome". In the process, on products could also shine all three colors. "Then the consumer doesn’t even know where it’s going anymore."The ministry is currently evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of several models, including those from other countries.

The coalition partner SPD made a strong case for the system called nutri-score, which has already been launched in france. It is high time to introduce this in germany on as broad a basis as possible, said food politician ursula schulte. Nutri-score also includes recommended components such as fiber or protein in a rating and then gives a single value – on a five-level color scale from dark green to red. Ex-agriculture minister renate kunast (grune) called for mandatory traffic light logos. "I mean, the time of voluntarism is over," she said in the bundestag.

Klockner called for expansion of fast internet to villages. This must be available not only in households, but also in fields and forests. Digitization is a major theme of the green week, which will be attended by around 400 people.000 visitors expected. This year’s partner country is finland.