Homage to brecht’s theatrical art

The film "mackie messer – brecht’s dreigroschenfilm, the film, which is usually only shown in the big cinemas in germany, will be shown for one day today at the kronach filmburg. Start time is at 7 p.M.

90 years ago, perhaps the most important german dramatist of the 20th century celebrated his birthday. The story, set to music by kurt weil and published on 31 december. August 1928 premiere of the "threepenny opera one of his greatest theatrical successes. "Mackie knife – brecht’s "threepenny film is more than a film version of the "threepenny opera": it is a film that pays homage to brecht’s theatrical art by masterfully transferring it to the cinematic plane.

The film tells of brecht’s collaboration as author on a film version of his "threepenny opera. The differences between the production and the dramatist, who has a completely different film in mind than the financiers of the nero AG, quickly arise. And so it comes to a dispute that ends up in court, while the film takes on more and more shape before brecht’s eyes. At the same time, the film shows chronological scenes from brecht’s life between 1928 and 1930, in which the tug-of-war over the film version escalates further and further. Berthold brecht died on 14. August 1956 and was born on 17. August 1956 buried in berlin at the dorotheen cemetery..