In another world

In another world

Laura schutzmeier, who graduated from jack-steinberger-gymnasium in 2017, beams with joy when she talks about her stay in tanzania. Several young people from the high school who listened to her lecture benefited from it.

The young high school graduate worked at "goyagoya orphanage, an institution of the "mother-teresa-sisters in the diozose rulenge. Since 2012, there has been a cooperation between the BDKJ bamberg (federation of german catholic youth) and the rulenge diocese in northwestern tanzania. Laura came to her assignment through the BDKJ.

About 35 children live in the orphanage of the rulenge/ngara diocese. Laura supported the staff in the care activities, the challenge of individual children, the recreational activities for the older children or gave attention and affection.

The tanzanian dare was a step into another world for the young woman. In her lecture, she succeeded in vividly depicting this different world with the help of impressive images.

So she told of other traditions that regularly led to laura putting her foot in her mouth. For example, she once loved a ride to work on a moped. An impossibility for a single woman in tanzania. It is also absolutely impossible to meet someone you know by chance with a simple "hello" to accomplish, rather you have to spontaneously take at least ten minutes to do this. Even the food was a change; it was almost always rice and beans, but there was an enormous variety of fruit.

Laura succeeded in immediately captivating the schoolchildren. Laura conveyed that the personal experience one can gain in such a volunteer position is priceless.