Jorg Rohde relies on experience

Jorg rohde relies on experience

To fight poverty, he is counting on a flourishing economy and, for good education, on the three-tier bavarian school system as well as more all-day programs. In an interview with the FT, jorg rohde, the FDP's direct candidate for the state parliament in the district of erlangen-hochstadt, is self-confident and close to the burghers.

Why should the selector put his cross by your name??
Jorg rohde: as state parliament vice president, county councilor, former member of the bundestag and district and county chairman of the FDP in central franconia, i can contribute a great deal of experience at several political levels to the next legislative period. After eight years as a full-time politician, i know the upcoming projects in the district of erlangen-hochstadt, central franconia and bavaria very well and was happy to continue my political work in the service of the burghers in munich.

What made you decide to pursue a career in politics??
I like to stand up for other people. As a former board member of a sports club and honorary works council member at the time, i was initially just curious in 1993: "how do things work in politics??". Since civil rights and personal freedom are particularly important to me, joining the liberal party was a no-brainer for me. When i was approached by various candidates, i rolled up my sleeves and resolved to make a positive contribution to our society.

How do you see your chances of winning the direct mandate or entering the state parliament via the list??
Because of my high profile in the ERH district and in central franconia, I am confidently running for re-election as a member of the state parliament. As the FDP's top candidate for the state elections in central franconia, i firmly expect to be re-elected to the state parliament – i am fighting for both votes here locally: the first vote for me and the second vote for michael dassler from herzogenaurach on position 23 of the FDP constituency list, in order to achieve this goal.

What are you particularly committed to as a member of parliament – and what can the citizens of the erlangen-hochstadt constituency expect from you in particular??
As a social politician, i am particularly committed to the weak. The state only has enough resources to help those in need if the economy is flourishing and all citizens and companies pay their taxes honestly. In the last legislative period, thanks to the participation of the FDP in the government in munich, I was able to contribute to the fact that several million euros flowed into projects in our region. I would like to continue this.

With the A 3, one of europe's main traffic arteries passes through the voting district. What do you think about a toll on the freeway for all vehicles??
At the present time, it is not permissible under european law to levy a toll on foreign cars, as the CSU often populistically demands. If you wanted to do this, you had to make all motorists pay. But 95% of the time we germans use our own highways, for example on the daily commute to work. I reject an additional burden on car drivers. But after – and I emphasize this – the abolition of the car tax, the CSU can gladly negotiate with us liberals about a car toll…

Do you still see a future for the three-tier school system in bavaria and what should it look like??
Yes, because our children are very different – they are too good for a one-size-fits-all school! We need more individual challenges for each and every student, smaller classes and cooperation between different types of schools, especially in the rural area, so that we can avoid as far as possible the closure of schools – which unfortunately is coming due to demographic developments. The FDP is particularly committed to early childhood education and flat-area, all-day programs.

It's not just the gap between rich and poor that is widening, there are also different developments within bavaria. The rich south around munich is growing, the north is impoverished. What would you do to make living conditions in bavaria more balanced??
As the FDP, we are already counteracting this development through active structural policies – most recently, for example, by establishing a vocational school for hotel and tourism management in kronach, or by relocating government offices and public administrations from munich to hof, furth and nurnberg. The french universities will be further expanded and also bayern invest now has an office in nurnberg and can thus better than in the past direct international business settlements to franken.