Kramp-karrenbauer: size-zero models dangerous ideal

Kramp-karrenbauer: size-zero models dangerous ideal

Union and SPD politicians discuss measures to combat the slimness craze in the modeling industry.

"Size-zero models present an ideal that is neither aesthetic nor healthy – with dangerous long-term damage to body and soul, even death," saarland minister president annegret kramp-karrenbauer (CDU) told the "spiegel" newspaper.

CSU politician dorothee bar, who is being considered for a ministerial post in the new federal cabinet, said that clarification alone seems to have reached its limits. Pictures had to be stronger images of reality again: "the time has come to take a close look at the regulations of our neighbors."In france, women who are underweight are no longer allowed to work as models; in spain and israel, there are similar regulations.

Eating disorders are among the most common psychosomatic illnesses. In germany, up to 100 people a year die as a result, according to old data. Anorexia, binge eating and binge eating are considered the main forms of addiction. A lottery ticket seems to be the sparing ideal of a lean body. Self-esteem and the social and family environment also play a role. According to a representative study on the health of adults in germany from 2013, 1.5 percent of women and 0.5 percent of men suffer from one of the three main forms of eating disorders.

"We need a legal regulation to protect against anorexia," SPD deputy faction leader karl lauterbach told the "spiegel" newspaper. There is hardly any other disease among young women that has such a high mortality rate as anorexia nervosa – "and the chances of recovery are low.

Skinny models are currently also being discussed in view of the start of the new "germany’s next topmodel" season on prosieben. Not all candidates look like classic skinny models this time around. "Today, girls with great curves are also in demand," juror heidi klum said in advance. The industry has become more diverse. But the criticism of the broadcast is still rough. The majority of people in germany think the format conveys a false ideal of sparing, according to a representative survey by the opinion research institute yougov.