Man in erlangen mobs passers-by and attacks police officers – pepper spray used

man in erlangen mobs passers-by and attacks police officers - pepper spray used

Shortly after 9 p.M., a 24-year-old man was in the area of the erlangen arcades and repeatedly shouted at passers-by. A police patrol found that the 24-year-old was heavily intoxicated. In order to prevent criminal acts, he should be taken into custody. This did not suit the bully at all.

After being told he was in custody, the man went completely berserk, throwing his own objects around and onto the floor with full force. Due to his aggressive behavior, he was first brought to the ground and was eventually to be restrained. At this, however, he put up a massive fight. He attacked the officers and managed to knock over one of them. When the aggressor tried to punch the police officer in the face, he used pepper spray to defend himself. Finally, the young man was tied up.

One of the two officers was injured in the hand and had to seek medical treatment. The 24-year-old was taken to the hospital due to his alcohol consumption and health condition. However, he was only slightly injured. Due to the scuffle on the ground, he suffered from bruises and eye irritation from the use of the pepper spray. He is charged with resisting arrest and assault.

Fighting in front of a disco in erlangen

on sunday night, there was also an actual altercation in front of a discotheque in erlangen's city center. After a guest was turned away at the entrance due to his intoxicated state, he attacked an employee of the discotheque. At this he fell to the ground. Two other security guards intervened in the altercation. But they could not calm the guest down and he went after the first employee again. The latter did not know any other way to help himself and used an animal repellent spray to defend himself.

Medical attention was refused by all involved. An investigation has been initiated against the two for assault and battery.

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