Maria Trinkwalter holds the scepter at schutzen

"I am overwhelmed! I am so looking forward to the coming year", exclaimed the guardian queen after the announcement. She stood between her competitors, namely the first knight doris strassner and the second knight walter muller. Her eyes were shining. She could not hide her emotion on the stage when she held the conductor's baton during the schutzen march of the steinbach musicians.

Even the next day, the 63-year-old schutz's joy was evident. "I was not prepared at all. I was really shocked at the first moment!" once a year maria trinkwalter can be found in the push stand, and that is when the schutzenfest is approaching. And as befits an active member, the shot at the king's target is of course not to be missed. Maria trinkwalter has been a member of the rennsteigschutzen ever since she and her husband otto opened a store in steinbach am wald, i.E. For more than 30 years.

Gladly at the excerpts
She is a part of almost every pageant at the traditional "schutzenfest". "It's the atmosphere and the camaraderie, I just feel good with the rennsteigschutzen!"

For the coming season, she now has to deal with a number of tasks: in addition to thinking about a motif for the guardian disk and the possible purchase of a new guardian dirndl, she is also concerned about the question of who will be her "guardians" will be. She had already thought about it, but had not yet asked anyone, she said. But those who know her husband otto know that he certainly would not say no. He, who represents the "rennsteigschutzen" at many of the events, was, by the way, very proud of his wife: "that's perfect!"

before handing over the royal chain to his successor, christian maier thanked his guardian brothers and sisters for their support during his reign. To be a guardian king once in his life, that was his wish already in his youth. He emphasized that it was a wonderful feeling to represent the protectors as king at the protectors' marches.

Willi fiedler, chairman of the rennsteigschutzen, also thanked the regent. He had represented the guardians to the eagles with solidarity. He also thanked all the helpers.

The two knights
Willi fiedler then also congratulated the first knight, doris strabner (847.8 divisors), and the second knight, walter muller (1199.0). Of course, all the trophy winners were also honored during the proclamation evening. After this successful proclamation, however, the racecourse guards now hope that more young people will become involved in the association.