Nine gold medals: Weismain Brewers take stock of their achievements

Nine gold medals: weismain brewers take stock of their achievements

The management and employees of weismain pulse brewery had every reason to look back on a successful year. Finally, the beers of weismain were awarded nine gold medals in the business year that is coming to an end. In addition, there was a gold medal for weismainer mineral water.

In this respect, brewery boss hans puls was able to make a good impression at the company party in the traditional "hotel alte post" restaurant in weismain we can speak of a strenuous, but in view of the hot summer for the beverage industry also good sales year. It was not always easy to supply customers with beverages during the prolonged midsummer temperatures. In retrospect, however, puls said he could confirm that the company had mastered all the challenges thanks to its employees. Everybody in the brewery is proud of the quality awards received in the past year. All nine beers from the weismainer puls brewery and the weismainer mineral water were awarded the "DLG gold medals.

In order to maintain this quality, considerable investments were also necessary in 2018. Among other things, a new full-goods hall with the corresponding picking zone was inaugurated. The brewery yard was expanded, a rainwater retention basin was built, and several vehicles were purchased.

The management then took the opportunity of the works meeting to honor long-serving employees who had been with the company for many years. Otto herold and thomas eck have been with the company for 25 years, and anton gabelein and robert fugmann for 40. The long-serving employees were presented with gifts from the brewery and honorary certificates. Jurgen muller and helmut pietsch were given a farewell with prizes.

Finally, puls took a look into the future and expressed his concern about the decline in the number of pubs. More and more pubs and restaurants have had to close down because they are unable to find successors, let alone qualified staff, or because they can no longer meet the regulatory requirements. In many villages, this would mean the loss of a piece of life culture, perhaps even the village community.