Songs and instructions

songs and instructions

The reliable "french christmas" that takes place every year was a woman. An atmosphere that matched what was on offer in the max littmann hall. For here eight music groups had put together folk christmas tunes, songs and instrumental pieces, which told of the gentle christmas. However, some places in the audience remained free.

A look back to childhood
Although bad kissingen's second mayor, peter deeg, stated in his funeral that the view of the stage revealed that there were very vital contributors and that this was also "a look into the future", or that the "christmas yodel" was a "christmas yodel", he admitted that "folk music, especially at christmas time, is a look back to childhood" be. This view dominated the performances, which alternated in an entertaining and contemplative two-hour program.
The rhon brass band opened the round with a soft, deep sound reminiscent of horner; they set the mood calmly and festively with "rough winter, meager reward". "Enjoy it, come to rest, you people", was the title of the poem read by gabi kanz, who led the evening. This worked very well in the following. A menuet, as the "hassenbacher stubenmusik" would have it or the "christmas landler" was related to them, the "hassfurt parlor music brought to the program folk, intimate sounds of plucked or beaten instruments such as dulcimer, zither or harp. Very beautiful, lovely contributions that demanded an attentive ear. Was related to them, what the "uchtelhauser holzblaser" with warm sound in hubs, often vocabulary of the classical "serious" ones music using sentences played.
The vocal pieces (partly accompanied) were also performed with much love: the "hambacher volkssanger" delighted with dialect sentences like "when it first light burns" or the "rhonian christmas song, the "grettschter dreigesang" (three-voiced choir), who cultivates a very straight singing style, brought songs like "die stille zeit and the very mountainous seeming, from the simple folk music shaped sentence "als maria ubers gebirge ging" (when maria went over the mountains) a. The "hoibuche muisig" sometimes he used a suitably naive tone, as in "schonne weihnochtszeit": "open your heart, be thankful and peace will come"." then the chorus "il cantare" sat down with syncopated sentences in the style of new sacred songs quite clearly from.

With familiar note
"We hope we have awakened your anticipation with our program", gabi kanz wished at the end, before the festively tuned congregation sang "O freudenreicher tag" together intoned. The performers undoubtedly had. The "french christmas their audience. And they are happy and satisfied with what they have here. You can see that the people like it, and that is good, because all the participants have made a great effort to arrange a quietly festive, very original advent afternoon with a familiar touch. And they succeeded.
But the audience becomes visibly smaller. While about ten years ago two of these events were sold out – as knowledgeable observers let us know – this year the parquet was still occupied to no more than three quarters of its capacity; about 30 people on the galleries were added to the number. And the audience is getting older; two faces, which (estimated) to the group "U 20" belonged, were to see. Then followed a leap of several decades in the composition. You can think about the reason for that. Really folk music finds its audience; partly also among younger people. But perhaps many of them would have liked to hear the soothing rewards of the world that could be so peaceful and joyful, and the illusionistic song of the dear, sweet-hearted savior ("es nosle, es goschle, die fingerlich fein")…") with the golden curls, who makes everything whole with his arrival, and a devotional yodel à la "tjo, tjoiri" simply no longer massaged anhoren. The youth has other problems. For parts of the older generation, the escape into the past, the collective immersion in illusions by candlelight may be a good way to get in the mood for christmas. Many rather annoy. And they stay away. Whoever cultivates genuine regional customs may be hurt by this. But he may find his audience on other, less emotionally charged occasions than the pre-christmas season. The simple jogs on in a special way. But sometimes even the naive and simple is too much of a good thing.