The goldberg lake trial

On 1 january 2009. May 2019 four young men allegedly beat up another man at goldbergsee and kicked him in the head. Six mannerists were arrested shortly after the incident. The beating was preceded by an encounter between the main defendant and the group around the late victim. She was at the goldberg lake with a cart full of pranks. The slightly injured main defendant then allegedly ordered five acquaintances to the lake by telephone. When the five arrived, the situation escalated. Four of the defendants allegedly hit the victim. The 30-year-old suffered a traumatic brain injury and briefly lost consciousness.

Investigations a young woman understood the police. When officers arrived, some of the people fled. All but one were caught. The perpetrators, then between 17 and 20 years old, are all known to the police. Because they are considered juveniles and adolescents, they now have to stand trial before the juvenile criminal division. Defendants had taken their victim’s death in stride, prosecution says. The charge against four of those involved is "attempted manslaughter". Another is accused of attempted dangerous bodily injury. The then 18-year-old main defendant, who called his buddies to the scene of the crime, is said not to have been involved in the serious beating. However, the prosecution accuses him of incitement to attempted manslaughter.