The house of 1000 lights

The house of 1000 lights

Christmas and advent season is a time of lights. Whether candlelight, christmas trees or illuminated towns – these lights create a very special atmosphere, especially in the evening hours.

A fan of such illuminations is anja diebenbacher from burgkunstadt. Three years ago, her basic idea was to bathe her own home with garden in a special glow of light. At christmas 2015, she had already illuminated her home with 5600 lights. Last year, more than 10,000 LED lights adorned the house and its grounds, and this year there has been a further increase. Another coarse star of light on the roof and a comet on the front of the house were added to the luminous gift sleighs, the reindeer and the trees of light.

Hopefully it will work out, the light friend anja asked herself a little nervously. With an "oh" and "ah" the property at goethestrabe 6 then shone in a blaze of light at the beginning of advent.

Neighbors, friends and acquaintances came to this extraordinary event. Punch and cookies were served. Despite the many lights, it doesn't seem kitschy at all, said a neighbor, and the numerous spectators agreed with her.

The house can now be admired every day from 5 p.M. To 10 p.M. Until the day of the epiphany. In addition, it is possible to support the animal shelter lichtenfels with donations there. Eva apel and alexandra hummer from the animal shelter were pleased about this social aspect.

"After the many hours of work one must not ask. It's just like any hobby – the more time you invest, the better the result, said anja diebenbacher. How much time she will spend on her hobby next year? How many lights will the illumination grow to then??