The key to singing

It was hard for him to say goodbye. He directed the cantabile choir for 17 years.

In his short speech on saturday evening he thanked the madels for a wonderful time. It all started when the madels met at the church fair and sang together. "Afterwards, they wanted to sing at a christmas party", bruckner remembers.

He was already at the vocational school in bad konigshofen at the time. "So they asked me to join them and that’s how the cantabile choir was born."
during rehearsals, bruckner always had to adjust to the female mentality. "How madels are. They always enjoyed talking a lot during the rehearsals." but it was a wonderful experience for him. "It was always very funny", he reported. "If I didn’t say anything for a while, then everyone knew they had gone too far and were quiet."

Bruckner has now started a solo project with his own compositions. He simply lacks the time to continue the choir. He is all the happier that his successor theresia brehm once learned to play the piano with him.

During the liturgy on saturday evening, the 24-year-old was introduced to her task and symbolically handed the key to the music cabinet by the former choir director. After graduating from high school, she completed an apprenticeship with an orthodontist. After working in this profession for two years, she discovered her love for music, which, in her own words, had been dormant in her since she was a child. She quickly realized that the already existing hobby had become "more" became. "After it was clear that christian bruckner would be stepping down as chief conductor, the madels asked me if I could imagine taking over this post", she tells. There is no apprehension: since her 14. Theresia brehm accompanies the choir on the piano from time to time during performances.

Surprised she was nevertheless about the offer. "But I was also very pleased that they approached me. I considered for a long time whether I wanted to do it, because the previous choir director christian bruckner was already musically ahead of me", she said, not hiding her respect. "He’s really got what it takes. He is a rough number and i am still a small student."

Nevertheless theresia brehm has a clear plan: "i will go my own way. I wanted to set new accents in the direction of the choir." musically she wants to go more in the rock direction, without neglecting the spiritual and ecclesiastical music.

Deacon paul neumeier’s service was very moving, and he had been "looking forward to it all week because today music is in the air".

Some members of the choir looked back to the beginning of the choir 17 years ago. They could remember exactly the first choir rehearsals in the piano room of the bruckner family. Little by little the first performances came. And they were never boring. Sometimes a member of the choir was forgotten at a performance, and some of the singers spent hours looking for their song folders.
After the moving service, everyone continued celebrating in the country inn.