Young and old united in song

Numerous children from kindergartens and general education schools in bavaria took part in the music action day. The bavarian state music coordination office (BLKM) has three goals in mind with this action. She wanted to strengthen the cooperation between day-care centers, schools and associations, to create occasions for musical encounters and to encourage singing and making music together.

The singing events in teuschnitz have so far been carried out with the children's grandparents in the school, with the burghers of teuschnitz in the castle park, with the residents of the caritas home "in der heimat wohnen" and with the parents in the "maria himmelfahrt" church. This time, the herb garden was chosen, but the actors had to move into the school auditorium due to the weather. About 230 children and adults interested in music sat together and made music and sang together.

Brass band

At this year's music day there was a novelty. From parents, schoolchildren, teachers, brothers and sisters and former schoolchildren, demand teacher andreas rentsch had formed a brass band, which entertained the audience with the sternpolka, the ambosspolka, the deer ragout and the frankenlied march. Since the elementary school teuschnitz is also an environmental school, the children presented some animal songs. The cat danced all over europe and the frog fridolin croaked with his colleagues at night at the pond. The schoolchildren expressed their good mood with the song "happy and easy – teuschnitz" from. They also made it clear that they liked living here and liking their school.

During the joint singing with all guests, the focus was on well-known french songs. So everybody sang along with the "song of the french", the "frankenwald song the "oberfrankenlied, with a suitable text for the district of kronach, and the "rennsteiglied".

Principal klemens loffler then went into action as oberflober and presented the popular flober song in the french dialect. The guests gladly joined in and loved the "feuerdunnekeil" loudly resound. With "goodbye, to the good night and "say goodbye brother" this common singing was finished. All agreed at the end that this action should be continued in the next years, because where you sing, there let yourself down.