Seehofer and Ude Derbleckt at nockherberg

Seehofer and ude derbleckt at nockherberg

Minister president horst seehofer as "mad iwan, his challenger christian ude as "dreamboat captain far away, behind the cape of good hope: cabaret artist luise kinseher as "mama bavaria this year, the soldiers gave out a lot at the nockherberg in munich. Hardly any top politicians from munich or berlin get off scot-free in the federal and state election year at the strong beer tapping ceremony.

Kinseher is targeting seehofer in particular – who has arrived from rome directly from his visit to the outgoing pope – during the politician's derbleck. With benedict XVI. The world's most important bavarian resigns". "Then it's over! Then we used to be pope! Then we have only horst seehofer!"

Kinseher mocks seehofer's turning manovers, saying they were invented by the russian submarine navy. "They've been doing it for a long time: the quick 180-degree turn to see if there's an enemy lurking in the blind spot. In the original it means: the mad iwan." even in the CSU, many could hardly hold on in the swirling wake of the minister-president, lastert "mama bavaria": "there are some who suddenly think they're in the SPD."

And she scoffs that seehofer is no longer playing with his railroad, but is instead playing "schifferlversenken": "he makes horst, the destroyer. Unfortunately, he has mounted a few protections to the inside", lastert kinseher after seehofer's verbal attacks on CSU politicians, with which he made headlines last december. "He quickly blows up his own store." he was followed, by the way, by economics minister martin zeil (FDP), "the rubber dinghy in which the air escapes very slowly at the back".

But also on ude it has "mama bavaria" apart. "I'm not saying you're burning up – but you can't talk about shining either", in view of the less-than-stellar poll ratings for the SPD. "The christian proves to us the humility and modesty of the bavarian social democracy, which promises a rough firework with a single miracle candle."

Insulted, dishonored and humiliated
Kinseher's speech is a biting all-around blow. "Ilse aigner, the bavarian dirndl icon. Bruderle would say: the main thing is that the filling is right, scoffs. About the FDP: "I honestly don't think it's worth campaigning for the FDP anymore." or about the greens: "the greens change their top personnel more often than horst seehofer changes his mind."

Kinseher also has her sights set on the federal politicians, some of whom are present and some of whom are not. "Mr. Steinbruck did not come. The entry fee was too low for him", lastert about the SPD candidate for chancellor. Or about federal interior minister hans-peter friedrich (CSU): "a man who says what he thinks. That's why he says so little." on federal transport minister peter ramsauer (CSU): "for me, you are the best-looking administrator of official cluelessness that we have."

The following sing play is this time again a real theater piece – with marcus rosenmuller as director. Ude, margarete bause, the green party's top candidate, and hubert aiwanger, the leader of the free voters, were allowed to discuss a coalition. And the CSU crown princes and princesses plan the putsch against seehofer. As in previous years, the secret star is markus soder's double, who, after seehofer's verbal attacks in december, is allowed to whine that he has been "insulted, dishonored and humiliated".

Seehofer, ude& co. Reacting afterwards not only dutifully amused – no, they seem honestly enthusiastic.