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Man in erlangen mobs passers-by and attacks police officers – pepper spray used

man in erlangen mobs passers-by and attacks police officers - pepper spray used

Shortly after 9 p.M., a 24-year-old man was in the area of the erlangen arcades and repeatedly shouted at passers-by. A police patrol found that the 24-year-old was heavily intoxicated. In order to prevent criminal acts, he should be taken into custody. This did not suit the bully at all.

After being told he was in custody, the man went completely berserk, throwing his own objects around and onto the floor with full force. Due to his aggressive behavior, he was first brought to the ground and was eventually to be restrained. At this, however, he put up a massive fight. He attacked the officers and managed to knock over one of them. When the aggressor tried to punch the police officer in the face, he used pepper spray to defend himself. Finally, the young man was tied up.

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“Harmless” cold leads to cardiac arrest: sophie (2) from france narrowly escapes death

"It all started with a seemingly harmless cough, which almost everyone had in february", remembers kathrin R.. But then their little daughter sophie's cough turned into a heart alarm. The life of the toddler, who had never been ill before, was suddenly hanging by a thread. Doctors from erlangen saved the girl's life with a seemingly harmless cold, as the university of erlangen-nurnberg reported on wednesday.

When kathrin R. Looking back over the past few months, she is still amazed: her daughter sophie, who is now two years old and has never really been sick, has just escaped death once again this spring. "But then it all happened very quickly. At the beginning of march sophie was admitted to hospital as an emergency case. Three days later, an artificial heart had to keep her alive", the mother is quoted in the press release.

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