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When gunter grass brought kronach into the literary spotlight

On the brown wooden table, one black-and-white picture follows another. Preparing for the interview with has ingo cesaro once again rummaged deep in the photo box. He doesn’t even have to search his memory: as soon as the 76-year-old writer picks up a picture, the right anecdote pops out of him – and black and white suddenly turns to color.

The 70s were the birth of numerous movements. Be it for the environment, peace or women’s rights. With what memory did the decade begin for you??

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The key to singing

It was hard for him to say goodbye. He directed the cantabile choir for 17 years.

In his short speech on saturday evening he thanked the madels for a wonderful time. It all started when the madels met at the church fair and sang together. "Afterwards, they wanted to sing at a christmas party", bruckner remembers.

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Songs and instructions

songs and instructions

The reliable "french christmas" that takes place every year was a woman. An atmosphere that matched what was on offer in the max littmann hall. For here eight music groups had put together folk christmas tunes, songs and instrumental pieces, which told of the gentle christmas. However, some places in the audience remained free.

A look back to childhood
Although bad kissingen's second mayor, peter deeg, stated in his funeral that the view of the stage revealed that there were very vital contributors and that this was also "a look into the future", or that the "christmas yodel" was a "christmas yodel", he admitted that "folk music, especially at christmas time, is a look back to childhood" be. This view dominated the performances, which alternated in an entertaining and contemplative two-hour program.
The rhon brass band opened the round with a soft, deep sound reminiscent of horner; they set the mood calmly and festively with "rough winter, meager reward". "Enjoy it, come to rest, you people", was the title of the poem read by gabi kanz, who led the evening. This worked very well in the following. A menuet, as the "hassenbacher stubenmusik" would have it or the "christmas landler" was related to them, the "hassfurt parlor music brought to the program folk, intimate sounds of plucked or beaten instruments such as dulcimer, zither or harp. Very beautiful, lovely contributions that demanded an attentive ear. Was related to them, what the "uchtelhauser holzblaser" with warm sound in hubs, often vocabulary of the classical "serious" ones music using sentences played.
The vocal pieces (partly accompanied) were also performed with much love: the "hambacher volkssanger" delighted with dialect sentences like "when it first light burns" or the "rhonian christmas song, the "grettschter dreigesang" (three-voiced choir), who cultivates a very straight singing style, brought songs like "die stille zeit and the very mountainous seeming, from the simple folk music shaped sentence "als maria ubers gebirge ging" (when maria went over the mountains) a. The "hoibuche muisig" sometimes he used a suitably naive tone, as in "schonne weihnochtszeit": "open your heart, be thankful and peace will come"." then the chorus "il cantare" sat down with syncopated sentences in the style of new sacred songs quite clearly from.

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Fesche brews try in wiesenthau “tree pushing”

Fesche brews try in wiesenthau

It is colorful with a full program. On the friday before the kerwa, the three wreaths for the stately kerwas tree have to be tied. The flags of the wreaths are yellow (symbol of the church), blue (bavaria) and red (franconia)", chairman gerhard romer explains the meaning. The girls tie the loops for the skirts of the men, decorate the bar in the tent.

Iron frame gives stability
"Behind every strong man there is a strong woman", let jennifer nogel know on the back of her t-shirt. "We want to support the boys in the erection of the kirchweih tree", she explains and pours the next mab of beer for the boys. On saturday afternoon, they fetch the almost 30-meter-long tree from the state forest near reuth. The regnitz musicians from burk played them to the site at the egelseer inn. Owner herbert egelseer has made the iron frame at the edge of the yard, which gives the tree support, himself. The tree is stabilized by wooden poles.

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Homage to brecht’s theatrical art

The film "mackie messer – brecht’s dreigroschenfilm, the film, which is usually only shown in the big cinemas in germany, will be shown for one day today at the kronach filmburg. Start time is at 7 p.M.

90 years ago, perhaps the most important german dramatist of the 20th century celebrated his birthday. The story, set to music by kurt weil and published on 31 december. August 1928 premiere of the "threepenny opera one of his greatest theatrical successes. "Mackie knife – brecht’s "threepenny film is more than a film version of the "threepenny opera": it is a film that pays homage to brecht’s theatrical art by masterfully transferring it to the cinematic plane.

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Five new helpers for the thw in kronach

Five new helpers for the thw in kronach

Rough day for 22 new THW helpers from the hof regional area: they had completed their basic training in recent months with great commitment. Recently, they took their final exam in kronach to obtain the authorization to operate the vehicle. Candidates from the local associations of kulmbach, naila, selb, marktredwitz, bayreuth and fortunately also five candidates from kronach passed their examinations with very good results.

Basic training is the first stage of training in the technical relief organization. Only then are the emergency personnel assigned to the units and specialist groups for further specialization.

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Youth orchestras have a rough run

The fact that the erlangen-hochstadt district sings and sings is nothing new, because music and singing are part of life. More than 70 representatives of the nearly 37 choruses and 25 music clubs in the district, which have around 3,400 active members, attended the annual meeting of the erlangen-hochstadt music council at the reif inn in kalchreuth. The meeting was dominated by the new elections and the reports of the district association of the north bavarian music association (NBMB) and the erlangen-forchheim singing circle, as well as the distribution of subsidies.

Bernhard schwab from herzogenaurach was unanimously re-elected as chairman, johanna wagenknecht as secretary, hans wormser as managing director, and clemens vykydal (district chairman of the NBMB) and norbert mischke (district chairman of the sangerkreis) are automatically members of the board according to the articles of association. There were some changes in the advisory boards of the two associations, and the chairman and district administrator alexander tritthart (CSU) thanked emilie meier (sangerkreis), who had been a member of the music council for 27 years, and heinz imhof, who had represented the interests of the chorus for nine years, for their many years of cooperation. After more than 30 years, richard sanger, the former long-serving chairman of the NBMB, also decided not to run for the music council’s advisory board.

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Young and old united in song

Numerous children from kindergartens and general education schools in bavaria took part in the music action day. The bavarian state music coordination office (BLKM) has three goals in mind with this action. She wanted to strengthen the cooperation between day-care centers, schools and associations, to create occasions for musical encounters and to encourage singing and making music together.

The singing events in teuschnitz have so far been carried out with the children's grandparents in the school, with the burghers of teuschnitz in the castle park, with the residents of the caritas home "in der heimat wohnen" and with the parents in the "maria himmelfahrt" church. This time, the herb garden was chosen, but the actors had to move into the school auditorium due to the weather. About 230 children and adults interested in music sat together and made music and sang together.

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