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Teachers sew masks

In the past few weeks, the teachers and staff of the GGSD vocational schools for childcare and food and care in vierzehnheiligen have been sewing makeshift mouth-nose masks in addition to preparing teaching materials for home lessons during their free time. Under the guidance of the home economics teachers, a large number of masks have already been made for the students and staff of the education center.

When school starts up again in a while, the vocational colleges want to be well prepared not only in school matters but also in terms of infection protection. The teachers hope that their action will help to keep the infection rate low, while complying with and expanding the hygiene measures that were already practiced at the vocational schools before the corona crisis. Even though wearing the makeshift masks can only protect oneself and others from infection to a limited extent, they are still useful. Because when they cough, sneeze or speak, droplets are released that may contain viruses.

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Budget without room for special wishes

It’s not particularly lavish, and basically leaves the city of prichsenstadt hardly any room for special wishes: the 2019 budget. At first glance, the almost 19 million euros, or 18,981,194 euros to be precise, may seem quite substantial.

But a closer look reveals that kammerer marco kolln has done a great deal of hard work here. In view of the millions of euros that the city council has listed in its financial plan for the next four years, the committee is well aware of the following. Because the financial plan was already well thought out and the chamberer had made some minor changes, which were decided in the corresponding meeting, the speeches in the council meeting were also limited.

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Ltl kirchtal, s 69 and the muna

The inconspicuous mound in the area of the oerlenbach federal police station is easily overlooked. Walter rugamer opens a gleaming alu-ture and clears the way into what is surely the most massive bicycle cellar far and wide. It is one of four bunkers, relics of the former air tank farm (LTL) with the camouflage name "kirchberg".

The chief inspector (58) and hobby historian "is too much to say" about its history in detail. The result is an informative brochure with almost 70 pages, maps and photos. It deals with the "events in and oerlenbach before and during the 2nd world war". World war 1936 – 1945."

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Young people made themselves useful in the old people’s home

In the middle of the week, the project was held at the katharina-von-bora senior citizens' residence
"young and old" its conclusion. A project that ran for nine afternoons over several weeks. In addition to the residents of the home, ten students from the johann puppert school were also involved, who were eager to do something good in their free time. The project was led by social workers sylvia siebenhaar and claudia sunkel and the deputy principal of the johann-puppert school, silke fischer. Playing games and doing handicrafts together brought the generations closer together and helped them to overcome their last obstacles and inhibitions. Especially the excursions were carried out with a lot of joy, whereby pupils were allowed to act as wheelchair pushers. Visits were made to the basket museum, where the special exhibition of baby carriages was well received by young and old alike. "I had one of those too", was the opinion of many, some thought back to their childhood days. The michelau kindergarten and the johanneskirche were also visited, where pastor birgit hohr held a special service for the wheelchair users and their many helpers.
Of course, there was also a lot of celebrating – a guardian party with music, for example. Both sides also enjoyed the afternoon of bowling together.
At the final afternoon, deputy principal silke fischer praised the students in grade 7., 8. And 9. Class for their participation in this project. By volunteering their time, they have made it possible for the home's wheelchair-bound residents to participate in activities that would not otherwise have been possible. At the same time, the students gained an insight into various occupational profiles that can be found in a retirement home. After reviewing all the events of the project, silke fischer awarded the young people with certificates. The participants were julian ruckdaschel, benny leibold, alexander bikard and robin kober. Silke fischer praised the four male students in particular for the commitment they showed in their free time for the residents of the home.
On behalf of the home's management, sylvia siebenhaar thanked all the schoolchildren who took part in the project, and silke fischer for her efforts. 

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In another world

In another world

Laura schutzmeier, who graduated from jack-steinberger-gymnasium in 2017, beams with joy when she talks about her stay in tanzania. Several young people from the high school who listened to her lecture benefited from it.

The young high school graduate worked at "goyagoya orphanage, an institution of the "mother-teresa-sisters in the diozose rulenge. Since 2012, there has been a cooperation between the BDKJ bamberg (federation of german catholic youth) and the rulenge diocese in northwestern tanzania. Laura came to her assignment through the BDKJ.

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10 Out of 13 have the quali

10 out of 13 have the quali

Principal erika hanlein is pleased that the 13 students who graduated from the wildflecken middle school managed to complete their secondary education, and ten of them even passed the qualifying examination., and: "the prospects of finding an apprenticeship are currently better than ever before", hanlein is pleased.
Michael gerber from riedenberg graduated from school with a 2.0 as the best qualifier. The 16-year-old came to kinderdorf riedenberg in 2007. Since then he attends the secondary school wildflecken. As a deputy school and class representative, school crossing guard and recess helper, he had been involved in "conflicts", among other things his class teacher christiane helfrich praised him for avoiding the "bullying" among the schoolchildren.
"In september, i will start a three-and-a-half-year dual apprenticeship as a motor vehicle mechatronics technician at stadtwerke bad kissingen.", michael gerber is pleased with his training contract, for which around 50 schoolchildren had applied. "As part of my education, I would also like to obtain my intermediate certificate of secondary education and then attend a vocational high school. My goal is to graduate with a baccalaureate in electrical engineering", he plans.
"I enjoyed the five years I spent teaching at the middle school in wildflecken," says michael gerber, the 16-year-old looks back. The spacious facilities with two gymnasiums, a basketball and soccer court, and a rough playground helped to keep the "potential for conflict among the students to a minimum". "The fact that the school is located in the barracks was rarely noticed by the students." on the contrary, he describes the school, which is surrounded by meadows and woods, as an "oasis of peace" well remembered. "I am also sure that the elementary school students will feel at home here and that they will enjoy living together with the middle school students."
Listening to music, soccer, basketball and reading are among the graduate’s many interests. He is active as a percussionist in the riedenberg music band. "My favorite subjects are physics, chemistry, english and mathematics", betrayal michael.
The two SPD mayors alfred schrenk (wildflecken) and robert rommelt (riedenberg) brought the congratulations of their communities on the successful graduation from school. In their graduation speech, school representatives vanessa schneider and michael gerber noted that the school years had flown by. "A special highlight was the final trip to munich", they said, the schoolchildren were particularly impressed by the visit to the memorial in dachau. "You didn’t just listen, you questioned and discussed with a view beyond your own horizons", praised class teacher christiane helfrich. The ceremony was framed by the school choir and the school band under the direction of teacher gunter horning as well as jan martin, mandy martin and annalena kuhn.

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Construction boom: school renovation will cost around half a million euros more

"We are no longer completely on schedule", said architect johannes messerschmitt from the office in bad kissingen. "I'm a little worried about winter. But there is no loss of quality." but despite the delay, the plan remains the same: the renovated school should be ready for occupancy in the coming school year after the summer vacations.
6.524 million euros were originally earmarked for the extensive construction project. But the current boom in construction has put a damper on the earlier cost estimates. According to the current status, the costs will rise to around 7.1 million euros. However, not all the work has yet been fully awarded to companies, so that a volume of around 7.5 million can be expected in the end. However, in the course of the planning also the desire for new school furniture had arisen, which were not planned at the beginning. "We continue to hope that we will stay on track and not face further unexpected cost increases", said mayor gerd kleinhenz (PWW) cautiously optimistic.
Lothar buhner submitted an application for the construction of three individual garages in bergstrabe in oberbach. The committee had no objections. Michael gehrlein wanted to set up a logopaedic practice in jahnstrabe in wildflecken and applied for a change of use for it. The approval was unanimous.

New: service portal on the internet

in the future it will be possible to pay with card in the municipal administration. The necessary technical equipment will be rented. In addition, the municipality wants to set up a burgerservice portal on the internet. Within the framework of the portal, citizens have the possibility of entering requests to the administration and forwarding them directly to the burgerburo for processing. For example, family certificates and election documents can then be applied for online. Chamberman dieter feller reported on the high value of data security in this project.

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Special offer introduction class is in demand

On one evening in january, principal burkhard spachmann explained the special features of the introductory classes, which have now been part of the school’s educational program for ten years, to the upcoming graduates of the M branch of the secondary schools, the business school and the secondary modern schools. The interest was roughly.

Prerequisite for admission is a pedagogical report from the school attended so far, in which the student is certified as having unrestricted aptitude for the gymnasium. There is no fixed grade point average "but you should be able to offer above-average performance", it says in a press release of the school. The school management of the gymnasium decides on the admission to the introductory class.

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100 Years of fistball: from martin beuther to the top in the world

100 years of fistball: from martin beuther to the top in the world

The segnitz fistballers have a reason to celebrate. No, this time no further championship, this time a birthday: the department becomes 100 years old. With its first fistball team in 1919, TV segnitz laid the foundation stone for a success story that has made the town famous not only in the fistball world.

Fistball was certainly already being played in segnitz when the club was founded in 1899. Martin beuther, however, was the one who introduced competitive fistball to the gymnastics club in 1919. He is responsible for the fact that segnitz took part in the association games in the gymnastics district of kitzingen for the first time in 1919.

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Jorg Rohde relies on experience

Jorg rohde relies on experience

To fight poverty, he is counting on a flourishing economy and, for good education, on the three-tier bavarian school system as well as more all-day programs. In an interview with the FT, jorg rohde, the FDP's direct candidate for the state parliament in the district of erlangen-hochstadt, is self-confident and close to the burghers.

Why should the selector put his cross by your name??
Jorg rohde: as state parliament vice president, county councilor, former member of the bundestag and district and county chairman of the FDP in central franconia, i can contribute a great deal of experience at several political levels to the next legislative period. After eight years as a full-time politician, i know the upcoming projects in the district of erlangen-hochstadt, central franconia and bavaria very well and was happy to continue my political work in the service of the burghers in munich.

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