Tanja wedhorn: “sometimes candles and red roses are enough”

Tanja wedhorn: 'sometimes candles and red roses are enough'

In the romantic comedy "papa on trial" (today, the first, 20.3 p.M.) moritz kaiser (pasquale aleardi), a star designer who is accustomed to success and convinced that he is single, expected everything, except to be fired without notice. Since the tax office demands a hefty back payment, he urgently needs work. Alternative furniture manufacturer toby breuer (rainer piwek) had a job opening – but only for a married family man. From his regular cafe, moritz knows the single mother of two nina (tanja wedhorn). The two do not see eye to eye, but when moritz learns about nina’s children, he makes her an offer she cannot refuse.

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Tanja wedhorn plays a single mother who is rightly fed up with the guys she has met so far in her life. The 41-year-old berlin resident explained to the news agency spot on news why single parents have it so much harder and how she finds the idea of being rented out.

Ms. Wedhorn, why do many women like machos??

Tanja wedhorn: actually, i think it’s more of a rumor that women are into machos. At least I don’t know any.

Another cliche in the film: "women who are smart are unsexy". It’s harder for smart women?

Wedhorn: it depends on whether i want to have a hard time or not. I think intelligent men like intelligent women very much. So it can’t hurt to be smart.

You play a single mother. What is the main problem in such a situation??

Wedhorn: doing justice to everyone. You have to be there for the children and at the same time concentrate fully on your job. On the job, you have to be the same as the others who have slept through the night with their backs to the grindstone. The children should be materially well provided for and not come off badly. Another aspect: the beautiful moments that you have with children, you can not share. Being single 24 hours a day and responsible for a child all your life is a real challenge. I take my hat off to that.

Often the manner works a lot and long, and sometimes they have to be organized as well. Is life with a man really easier??

Wedhorn: so my life is definitely better with a man.

Children are also a status symbol today. How the image of mother has changed?

Wedhorn: i have great respect for women who are at home all day and take care of the kids. It’s a full time job. In my case I am happy that I can do both. My mother also worked at the time, and I thought that was great.

In the film they let themselves be hired as wives. Can you understand that?

Wedhorn: yes, totally. Nina needs the money and just once has to play the family of a rich man at a business dinner together with her kids.

What do you think about unequal couples?

Wedhorn: where love falls. Age difference, your own history or profession do not matter, the main thing is to be happy. My husband and I are also very different, but in the essentials we tick similarly.

How romantic should a marriage proposal be?

Wedhorn: there are moments when candles and red roses are enough. But it does not have to be.