“Frankish musketeers” in mainz

Manfred schattan can’t really remember when the marching band of the herzogenaurach fire department first took part in the big carnival parades in wiesbaden and mainz. "This still goes back to the sendner era", said schattan and means the years when the mentioned was still leader of the spielmannszug. So a long time already that the "french musketeers" every year to mainz in this stronghold of the carnival drive. One can confidently speak of tradition.

Of course, there was also an invitation this year, and no question that the french were happy to accept it. And as befits well-organized firefighters, the program was arranged so that they were back in herzogenaurach in time for carnival tuesday. In order to see there the foolish activity on the market place punctually at 13 o’clock in the morning.30 o’clock to open (page 17).
At 8.The journey started at 3 p.M. On sunday, says ute schattan in an FT interview. First stop was wiesbaden. Under the direction of sabrina schattan and jasmin gumbrecht, 43 musketeers, 40 of them active, prepared for the 5.2-kilometer-long train. But they didn’t get a chance to rest, because they were still on their way to mainz in the evening.

The next morning was at 10 o’clock line up for the rough rosenmontagszug in mainz. 500,000 spectators, according to ute schattan, lined the streets. Some stood in rows of six or seven in a row. The train itself was 7.2 kilometers long, but for the musketeers from herzogenaurach the journey was even longer. It must have been ten kilometers, including the distance from the accommodation to the line-up. But they made it in time, and at 11.At 11 a.M. The start of the carnival procession, which was also watched by many spectators at home, was right on time.

When the carnival travelers arrived at the marketplace in herzogenaurach on tuesday, the organ team had already done a lot of preparatory work there. The hard core of eight people took care of the catering for the numerous participants of the carnival.
Meanwhile, the french musketeers are always grateful for new recruits. The marching band has 38 active members, 14-year-old kevin is the youngest active musician on the drums. But even six-year-olds are part of the group, they were initially allowed to participate as flag bearers. The marching band includes all age groups, from six to the current 59 years of age.