Made an impression as “forest area of the year

made an impression as

The frankenwald stood as a "forest area 2017" at the end of the year once again in the focus of the foresters. Those responsible for the successful campaign year met at the invitation of dirk luder from the office for food, agriculture and forestry (AELF) kulmbach and the head of the forestry operation rothenkirchen, peter hagemann, for a joint discussion at the forestry office rothenkirchen.

The frankenwald has proved to be a worthy bearer of the award "forest area of the year" proven. Bernd lauterbach, the bavarian regional chairman of the federation of german foresters, said he had never seen such a success story in one year before. The discussion about the national park in the meantime was not in the "sense of the inventor" has been. The
frankenwald is far away from the state capital munich and the headquarters of the bavarian state forest in regensburg. Nevertheless, the interaction of the various interest groups there has produced a powerful, positive impression. One could build on the encounters made in the various areas. Lauterbach called for: "keep up the good work in the frankenwald".

"Setting a rough stone rolling"

dirk luder referred to the nearly 20 events in which his office was involved. Several thousand visitors were reached directly, and many more via the media: "we have set a great ball rolling.

Gerhard wunder spoke in the first line for the district of kronach. As mayor of the host municipality of steinwiesen, he experienced the great atmosphere at the kick-off event in neufang firsthand. It was a pleasure to support the action, which now has to be continued step by step in the sense of sustainability. Many ideas were born to also bring tourism further forward. Unfortunately, the campaign has not yet had any effect on the number of overnight stays in the franconian forest. It will be important that people realize that the ideas are being implemented, he said.

The deputy manager of the nordhalben forestry operation, gerhard muller, said that the nordhalben forestry operation had also been happy to get involved in order to put the homeland in the spotlight on the larger stage.

Not only spruce forest

the managing director of the nature park frankenwald, dietrich forster, went into detail about the two major promotional campaigns for the frankenwald. The aim was to show that the franconian forest does not only consist of spruce forest, but is a multi-layered structured area.

The managing director of the WBV kronach-rothenkirchen, tobias wicklein, referred to the forest action day in nurn, which received great support. This should be repeated at certain intervals, he said. District manager christian goldhammer highlighted another highlight with the coal pile festival in tettau. A long preparation was necessary for the all-around successful event. A "special commendation there was for simone kirchner, the good soul of the rothenkirchen forestry operation.

Furthermore, the events with the frankenwald associations, which were represented by bernd heinz from the tettau local group, were pointed out. The events with the various schools in the district also met with a great response, with art also making a decisive contribution. A training course in forest pedagogy for educators in lauenstein, which was sponsored by the forestry administration, was also well received. Anja mortelbauer referred to the beautiful pictures, which are currently on tour in the individual counties. Stefan wittenberg, the head of the service agency, said that one could be proud of the activities and the cooperation across national borders.