Greenpeace:stop sale of internal combustion cars by 2028

Greenpeace:stop sale of internal combustion cars by 2028

In order to achieve the paris climate protection targets in europe, the sale of diesel and gasoline vehicles should be stopped by 2028, according to a greenpeace study.

By 2040, all vehicles with internal combustion engines should be banned from europe’s roads, according to the study published by the environmental protection organization.

The reason is that greenhouse gas emissions in most sectors of the economy have recently declined, while emissions from transportation have stagnated. According to greenpeace, they were 28 percent higher than in 1990.

Transport is "the dirty corner in climate protection" in germany and europe, said greenpeace spokesman benjamin stephan. "The study shows that we need to phase out the internal combustion engine much faster than we have so far and at the same time significantly reduce the number of cars overall so that traffic can get on a climate course."

The environmental protection organization proposes to expand the opnv and the bicycle network in order to create alternatives to the car. Rail will also play a central role in the future. Economic aid was only allowed to go to climate-friendly products.

"Anyone who still wants to call for burners today is ignoring the consequences of the climate crisis and the global dynamics of the auto industry," said stephan. The automotive industry only has a future if it accepts climate protection as a challenge and adapts its business model to it, the spokesman says.