Gut Holz Zeil is looking forward to the adventure

The rough day jerks for the 1. SKK gut holz zeil ever closer: for the first time in the club’s history the 1. Team this saturday a match at the national league level. More precisely, it goes for the team around veteran holger jahn in the 2. Bundesliga to hesse to KSC 1950 hainstadt.

The first day of the match is therefore a journey into the unknown. But the hessians are not completely unknown to the zeilers: there has already been a meeting with hainstadt – together with zeil, the KSC realized its dream of promotion to the 2nd division in april. Bundesliga north/ center. As champions of the hessenliga the sharks qualified for the promotion games in goldbach in hesse. After two games they ended up with scores of 3224 and 3330 cones behind the zeilers (3270, 3331) and followed the 1. SKK in league 2.

Analysis hardly possible

Due to the fact that the KSC has so far continued to follow the old system of playing over 200 throws and without scoring points, it is particularly difficult for the zeiler analysts to assess the opponent.

What a look at the past season quickly reveals, however, is the fact that hainstadt has two exceptional athletes: with srecko vidakovic and thomas sinnb, they placed first and third in the ranking list of the hessenliga. Especially the home cut let astonish. With 1017 (vidakovic) and. 1039 (sinnb) skittles both shone as the only players with a home average of over 1000 skittles in the league. The team of the KSC is completed by jurgen gotz (978 home), thorsten herzberger (963 home), christopher gotz (996 home) and denis heinemann (945 home). The team results between 6144 and 5771 woods also allow the conclusion of an excellently prepared track facility.

Anticipation and excitement

The zeiler camp is looking forward to the start of the premiere season with great anticipation. After the test match victories at home against ohrdrufer KSV (5:3) and SG sonneberg (8:0) as well as the purely lower franconian tournament, when they took second place behind TSV grobbardorf and ahead of ESV schweinfurt and SV herschfeld, the team around captain olaf pfaller is optimistic about its tasks. "It is a dream that is now coming true for me. I have had to wait a long time for this moment, we have been working for it for a long time. Now we are focusing on our goal for the season, which is to stay in the league, says holger jahn: "in hainstadt we can play with freedom. The pressure is a bit more on the home team. We will put everything on the line. Maybe on a good day we can score a point. Our important points this season, however, we certainly have to make at home to keep the class."

In terms of personnel, everything has remained the same. Besides pfaller let jahn, patrick lohr, bastian hopp, marco endres, oliver faber, marcus werner roll the balls. Christian kager also returns and will complete the squad.