U.S. Reopens embassy after terror threat

u.s. reopens embassy after terror threat

Only the U.S. Embassy in the yemeni capital of sana’a remains closed, as do the embassies of germany, france and great britain. The u.S. Consulate in lahore, pakistan, which had also suspended operations because of a terrorist threat, will also remain closed for the time being.

"Minister westerwelle has decreed that the sanaa embassy will remain closed until further notice due to a critical assessment of the security situation," said a spokesman for the foreign office in berlin on saturday. "The security situation worldwide is constantly monitored in close coordination with our partners. We are also in close contact with our U.S. Partners on this issue."

The U.S. Embassy in sanaa remains closed out of fear of a possible al-qaeda terrorist attack on the arabian peninsula, said U.S. Department of defense spokeswoman jen psaki. The development in sanaa and lahore will continue to be analyzed and a decision on the reopening of the representations will depend on the development.

The french embassy in yemen also remains closed. A spokeswoman for the ministry could not say on saturday in paris whether the embassy will reopen on monday. The british embassy will also remain closed until further notice, a spokesman for the british auben ministry said on saturday. All staff had been withdrawn, and so far there was no decision as to when it would be opened again.

The diplomatic missions were closed at the end of last week following a terror warning by the U.S. Intelligence services. They had intercepted phone calls from the al-kaida leadership about presumably imminent attacks.