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In court: “cat food” as code word for drug orders

"Cat food" as a code word for ordering narcotics: that was for the presiding judge of the 8. Gross criminal division of the wurzburg regional court, konrad dopfner despite many years of professional experience with drug trafficking just as new as for the criminal defense lawyer klaus spiegel and other trial participants. While monitoring the telephone of a 51-year-old woman from kitzingen, who had not been convicted of hard-earned income, the police came across this code word.

From her apartment, the woman is said to have operated a heavy trade in marijuana last year, first together with her former companion and later alone, after he had been arrested. When searching their apartment, the police found 116 grams of marijuana, 3000 euros in seem, near the drugs a switchblade knife and a loaded pistol of terror.

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Grune woche kicks off: focus on animal welfare and digitization

Grune Woche kicks off: focus on animal welfare and digitization

More animal welfare in the barn, more clarity about sugar, fat and salt in finished products for a healthier diet: at the start of green week in berlin, growing expectations are being voiced to food producers.

Federal agriculture minister julia klockner (CDU) called for a dialogue with consumers that should not be reflexively resisted by agriculture. But farmers shouldn’t be portrayed as the nation’s bogeyman either. The trade show, which opens its doors to visitors this friday, will feature exhibitors from all over the world until 27 september. January 1750 exhibitors from 61 countries.

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From now on the road is free

The HAS26 circular road, which then becomes SW 52 after fabrikschleichach, is the only east-west link from the main valley to the valley of the rough ebrach river. After three months of construction work, the second section of the new road between fabrikschleichach and hundelshausen has now been reopened to traffic.
District administrator wilhelm schneider was pleased with the successful project, which was completed on schedule and within budget. Already in 2017, two kilometers directly from the county line toward fabrikschleichach were rebuilt.
The planning of the 1.2 kilometers that have now been implemented was more difficult because there are numerous culverts here that, like the roadway, were quite dilapidated and had to be renewed. In addition, the adjacent nature conservation ponds had to be taken into consideration. There was also a long discussion about whether to install amphibian tunnels, "but the cost of 450,000 euros was unacceptably high, said the district administrator. The county's own contribution had almost doubled.
The road was upgraded very sensitively. It now has fewer dips and curves, but it is not a racetrack either. Due to the low volume of heavy traffic, the original construction width of 5.50 meters was maintained, and thus further flat sealing could be avoided. The drainage systems were also reworked; the surface water is now infiltrated in separate areas.
On 2. Construction work had begun on may 1, and the thanks of the district administrator went to the company stolz, which had delivered excellent work without delays, to the technical office werner from eltmann, and to the district's civil engineering department. The costs for the track amounted to 643,000 euros. Thanks to a generous request for funds, the county is contributing 183,000 euros from its own resources. Wilhelm schneider also thanked the people, who had to put up with detours and construction traffic for three months, and the landowners who made land available for the project.
Rauhenebrach mayor matthias bauerlein stressed that a good road network is one of the most important infrastructure facilities for a community like rauhenebrach with many commuters. With the district road in the direction of zabelstein, the upcoming construction of the state road between prolsdorf and oberaurach and the cycle path from falsbrunn to prolsdorf, work is continuously being done on this network. One could be satisfied.

Profiting from the demand for money

for the support from the state building office, the district administrator had thanked senior building official manfred rott. He did, however, offer a compliment: in the past few years, the district of habberge has taken advantage of the good conditions like hardly any other district and has rehabilitated many more kilometers of roads with the same own funds than originally planned. This is also thanks to the very flexible and efficient department of alfons schanz. HAS 26 is now in pristine condition, he says. The district of schweinfurt has also taken action in its area and has carried out a surface treatment, so that this important connection is now "rusted again for many years".
Rott also emphasized the importance of the road network for the rural infrastructure. "Whether county, state or federal – you don't realize the significance of some strab until there's a detour", he explained, before everyone cut the symbolic ribbon together and polier martin beck then removed the red crosses from the signposts in fabrikschleichach and hundelshausen.

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Bavaria sweats in record april weather

Bavaria sweats in record april weather

Eating ice cream, barbecuing and sunbathing for the first time after the endless winter: the long-awaited start of spring has put bavaria in the vacation mood with record-breaking heat. In munich on saturday it was warmer than ever before on a day in april. The record high of 28.7 degrees set in 1934 was broken as early as midday, according to the german weather service in offenbach. In droves, people in bavaria flocked outdoors to enjoy the summer heat. Countless motorcyclists took advantage of the fine weather for the first tour of the year. Tens of thousands of bikers expected for a star ride in kulmbach, upper franconia.

On saturday, the people of munich could choose whether to enjoy themselves at the spring festival or the recently opened auer dult, relax in the shady beer garden or try out new ice cream creations such as honey-sesame or salt-peanut. Many people went to the isar for barbecue, picnic or sunbathing. Only for swimming in the lake was it still too cold with water temperatures in the single digits. Many leisure bathers, however, were pleased about a first rush of visitors.

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Romp at the playground at wacholderweg

romp at the playground at wacholderweg

This is what the children of kindergarten st. Kunigund didn’t have to say it twice: when they were allowed to storm the newly renovated playground on wacholderweg for the photo, it became clear that the 59,000 euros for the renovation were money well spent. The employees of the garden and cemetery office of the city of bamberg have brought the heavily used playground back into shape: there are now two covered play towers, which are connected by a rope dew bridge. The children can climb up a sloping ladder or ladders and nets. Benches and a table are fixed under the taller tower for the small children. The slide is from a dismantled playground equipment and is still in good condition, according to the city’s press office.

Mayor christian lange (CSU) said at the official inauguration: "the city of bamberg maintains 112 playgrounds. Our children should be able to enjoy themselves and have fun here. This winter, we have focused our playground renovation efforts on the garden city." at the site meeting were also, in addition to the second chairman of the burgerverein gartenstadt, peter neller, representatives of the kindergarten st. Kunigund and the city of bamberg present.

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Tanja wedhorn: “sometimes candles and red roses are enough”

Tanja wedhorn: 'sometimes candles and red roses are enough'

In the romantic comedy "papa on trial" (today, the first, 20.3 p.M.) moritz kaiser (pasquale aleardi), a star designer who is accustomed to success and convinced that he is single, expected everything, except to be fired without notice. Since the tax office demands a hefty back payment, he urgently needs work. Alternative furniture manufacturer toby breuer (rainer piwek) had a job opening – but only for a married family man. From his regular cafe, moritz knows the single mother of two nina (tanja wedhorn). The two do not see eye to eye, but when moritz learns about nina’s children, he makes her an offer she cannot refuse.

Also in the series "my wonderful family for tanja wedhorn it’s all about family love – order all episodes on dvd here

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Ten years of Abramovich – “pioneer” came out of nowhere

Ten years of abramovich - 'pioneer' came out of nowhere

Roman abramovich does not talk much. Not about money. Not about fubball. Certainly not about themselves. Nevertheless, there are numerous anecdotes circulating in london about the billionaire who died on 1 january. July 2003, he took possession of chelsea FC for the equivalent of 165 million euros.

A single man revolutionized fubball – and not just in the premier league.

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Community of rugendorf drops stately birch tree

The oak processionary moth is to be dealt with throughout rugendorf. This was decided by the municipal council on monday evening. The oak tree on the village square in zettlitz is the first to be affected. Three nests were found on it, which must be removed.

The caterpillars of the oak processionary moth butterfly have stinging hairs on their backs during their development phase between may and july, which have a stinging toxin against predators and can cause a characteristic skin rash and severe itching in humans. At the suggestion of johannes heyl, however, the building yard is now to inspect all oak trees on public land in the municipal area for infestation and, if necessary, treat them.

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Inflation rate picks up again to 1.6 percent in march

Inflation rate picks up again to 1.6 percent in march

Rising energy prices and price increases for travel at easter pushed the rate of inflation in germany up again slightly.

Consumer prices in march were 1.6 percent higher than in the same month of the previous year, according to the federal statistical office, based on preliminary data. In february, inflation had stood at 1.4 percent; in january, it was also 1.6 percent.

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Rating giant moody’s takes aim at german banks

Rating giant moody's takes aim at german banks

Moody’s lowered its outlook for 17 institutions from "stable" to "negative" late wednesday evening – a logical consequence of the worsening outlook for the federal government and six german states.

The decision may be a first step to a credit downgrade. A lower rating can make it harder and more expensive to raise fresh money. Lenders face higher likelihood of losing money.

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