In court: “cat food” as code word for drug orders

"Cat food" as a code word for ordering narcotics: that was for the presiding judge of the 8. Gross criminal division of the wurzburg regional court, konrad dopfner despite many years of professional experience with drug trafficking just as new as for the criminal defense lawyer klaus spiegel and other trial participants. While monitoring the telephone of a 51-year-old woman from kitzingen, who had not been convicted of hard-earned income, the police came across this code word.

From her apartment, the woman is said to have operated a heavy trade in marijuana last year, first together with her former companion and later alone, after he had been arrested. When searching their apartment, the police found 116 grams of marijuana, 3000 euros in seem, near the drugs a switchblade knife and a loaded pistol of terror.

Weapons in dealing increase the punishment, that’s why the case is also before a rough criminal court, but: for almost everything the woman had a decriminalizing explanation in court. So she wants the pistol, which was given to her "subtenant" heard, noticed under a sofa one day while cleaning and put it in the desk. The 3,000 euros were victim compensation for the time spent in the notorious youth prison of torgau during the GDR era, and the money was intended for an eye operation. The marijuana seized in her apartment had been given to her free of charge by the life-threatening man, who paid neither rent nor anything for food, for her own use, so that she could "come down" if necessary…

Switching from drugs to marijuana

She had been smoking pot for years for therapeutic reasons, because of psychological problems, against depression and panic attacks. Medication did not help, so she smoked marijuana every night to sleep. A witness who claims to have bought about 300 grams of marijuana from her for 3,000 euros is telling the truth, the defendant claimed. She had never dealt – in contrast to her former life journeys. What she had in her apartment belonged to him. According to witnesses, he stashed his stuff in a garage and in the rudenhausen forest.

Religious help from prison

The defendant, a trained gardener, who was last employed as a security guard for american barracks, described the relationship to her previous life with "on/off" the last rather "off" spoken, referring to the. He, also employed by a security company, wanted to marry her, but she did not want to marry him. In the meantime, the man has been sentenced to eight years imprisonment as a dealer. He was brought from straubing prison for questioning. He had a plastic bag with him. It did not contain provisions from the prison cake, but a gift for the accused: a short text from the bible for every day of the year, a prayer chain for orthodox believers and the image of an icon.

The defendant had not done anything on her own, he assured. She had been handing over stuff and cashing in when he wasn’t there, he testified. Sometimes the woman was unbearable, then he "cursed" to his parents in the district of kitzingen for a few days or spent the night at a friend’s house. That with "temporarily unbearable" however, the woman also claimed about him.

There may be more to come in an expert’s report: the defense attorney has already spoken of "post-traumatic stress disorder" which could be traced back to the defendant’s association with this man. Before the trial, the woman had refused an expert opinion, but at the end of the first day of the trial she agreed to give an insight into her psyche.

Smoked pot before the trial to calm down

When asked by the court whether she had smoked something before the trial, the defendant admitted: "yes, the night before, to calm down." when she was still living with the ex-dealer, each of them sometimes smoked ten joints a day "just like other cigarettes". At the 2. July the trial is continued, with witnesses from the circle of acquaintances of the defendant.