When red helmets say firewood

When red helmets say firewood

At the summer festival of the volunteer fire department, the reundorf youth fire department held a gala performance march under the leadership of tobias habermann on the occasion of its 25th anniversary.

Seven fire department youth groups of four people each from buch am forst, michelau, redwitz, schwurbitz, uetzing and reundorf (two teams) took up the challenge and completed the seven required stations that were set up along a 1.7-kilometer course.

Hauling bales of straw

At the first station, a coarse bale of straw had to be rolled about 50 meters by two young people, and then rolled back to the start as quickly as possible by the other two team members. Box stacking was the order of the day at the second station, but not in the high position, but in the horizontal position between two people by applying pressure against each other. In the beam race, the teams of four had to run over two beams, repeatedly tracing the overturned beam towards the finish line without stepping on the ground. Interesting was the fourth station, where three team members had to braid three C-hoses together by changing from the outside to the inside with the hose in their hands. 30 turns were required.

At the "holzsagen accuracy was needed. Two teams of two of a team had to cancel each a wooden slice from a wooden trunk. In one case, the wooden piece was to be exactly five centimeters wide; in the other, it was to weigh 500 grams. A "burning wooden house" was the target of a target fire with a cube fire engine to redeem. The seventh challenge was called a brainteaser. Here you should find the most favorable way to get out an egg that is in a hose circle without touching the bottom of the inner surface.

The quartet from buch am forst proved to be the most successful youth fire brigade team.