Wilder fight is fury’s last rough chance

Wilder fight is Fury's last rough chance

Before what is probably the biggest heavyweight spectacle of the year, tyson fury loves to be driven through the boxing mecca of las vegas in an open-top ferrari.

After being celebrated by hundreds of fans, he made the next announcement to his opponent deontay wilder. "This is going to be a short evening. I’ve come here to knock him out," said fury before his fight against the american WBC world champion on sunday (starting at 03.00 a.M./DAZN) at the MGM grand arena.

Alluding to his roughest win so far, the "gypsy king" added: "i’m even better than i was against klitschko."The victory against wladimir klitschko in november 2015 had long lain like a curse on the coarse-mouthed and unconventional british fighter. Fury didn’t fight for three years, tested positive, weighed over 180 kilos. "I abused my body and was on the verge of suicide," said the 31-year-old, looking back.

With a preparation of six months, fury had already climbed into the ring once against wilder in december 2018. In the end it was a flattering draw against the "bronze bomber" who had sent fury to the boards twice. The second duel will be decisive for fury’s future career. Especially since the winner will have a unification fight with heavyweight king anthony joshua.

Probably that’s why fury doesn’t miss a trick, doesn’t hold back a line. So he is said to be inspired by a fighter who fights his battles with bare fists. "He told me that my fists would get harder if i dipped them in gasoline. So I dip my hands in gasoline for five minutes every day to wait them out," fury said. In addition, the showman has made some unsavory statements about prostitutes and drug abuse.

With 122 kilos fury wants to climb into the ring on sunday morning german time. So he becomes wilder not only in coarseness and range, but also in weight surpassing. Wilder has technical weaknesses, but possesses a brutal right hand. That even fury demands respect. "Fighting wilder is like handing a loaded kalashnikov to a seven year old. He can fire off uncontrolled at any time," said fury. If he was blod enough to be hit by his right hand, he deserved the defeat. If not, "i’ll eat him up".

Sounds familiar martial. But in the run-up to the fight, wilder has gone one better without a second thought. "I am the king of the jungle," the 34-year-old said. "I will rub his head off his body. I sense he is nervous about our first fight."If wilder wins, he will have successfully defended his title for the eleventh time in succession. And thus overtook his idol muhammad ali. "I actually started boxing to earn a few dollars for my daughter. I never thought I’d be associated with ali," wilder said.

A few dollars earned not only both fighters on sunday, but also the promoters. The 17,000 seats in the arena have long been sold out. The promoter company top rank is also having the fight broadcast on big screens at five different locations in vegas – and is charging a whopping 100 dollars for admission alone.

Because the coffers are ringing so loudly, wilder vs. Fury to become a trilogy. At least that’s how it’s supposed to be contractually. "The loser has 30 days to demand a rematch, and it must be accepted," said fury promoter frank warren.