Lio oestreicher gives himself a present for his 9th birthday. Birthday itself

Lio oestreicher gives himself a present for his 9th birthday. Birthday itself

For lio oestreicher it was a special tournament. He was not only the youngest fighter in the rannunger team, but also celebrated his 9th birthday during the competition, which was a premiere for him. Birthday. Oestreicher competed in two categories and won two silver medals, one in the rumble and one in the pointfight.

Lilli brunner from euerbach also secured two silver medals. But in the opinion of her coaches, the young fighter did not put in her full performance as usual.

Aaliyah krzysztoforski competed at the fub despite a severe bone injury and won bronze once in light contact. In the kick light she swept an austrian from the mat in the final and got her deserved belt and therefore gold for rannungen.

Emily memmel, who competed in her second gymnastics tournament, won a bronze medal in light contact. An even better result prevented the ring doctor in the verlangerung in the kick light after a ublen fubkick to the head had to stop the fight.

Michaela weis, newcomer to the martial arts team, also made it to the podium twice: once bronze in kicklight and once silver in light contact.

Marcel markert fought a tough, fair fight in light contact and came in 1st place. Place – the second gold for TSV rannungen. In addition to his medal, markert received a pair of boxing gloves with the austrian coat of arms, specially made for the tournament.

In the kicklight, marcel markert had to settle for 2nd place. Place, as the strength and the air from the final before took its toll.

Reinhold polczyk sold himself very well for his first tournament and got on the podium twice. That meant bronze in kicklight and bronze in light contact.

Coach nils volz, who had only been training for almost a year and was not able to practice himself, was not able to call up his complete performance. Nevertheless, he won bronze.

Holger volz, trainer and oldie of the troop, started in two classes, where he won silver and bronze for his martial arts team.

Aaliyah, michaela and emily were invited to the WKU light contact/kicklight national team training course in ebern because of their performance. The three fighters from TSV rannungen then took part in the WKU world championships in orlando/florida.