Summer olympics: fit for the club

29 judoka of the FC iphofen took part in the summer olympics; a so called micro project with the bavarian sport youth (BSJ). These projects are aimed at young people and provide clubs with content and financial support to encourage involvement in sports, says ulrike weiglein from FC iphofen. "I’m somebody, I can do something – and if I work hard at it, I’ll achieve something," is the BSJ’s motto. For young people, the challenge opens up a chance to develop ideas and implement them. Dominice and nicola weiglein organized the summer olympics of the judo department of FC iphofen. Hilar burkhard and mathias schuhmann supported them. This is how the participants mastered a part of the sports badge examinations. A barbecue in the evening. Sportsmen love to end the day with games. After the night in the tent, the event was supposed to continue, but this was not possible because of the rain. So the tent camp had to be broken off. "The community between the rough and the small was strengthened in all cases," the FC reporter notes, mentioning the efforts of oliver zink, arne and tarah muller, and pearl mantlik. The participants received certificates.