New heating system for djk clubhouse

Sigismund von dobschutz as with all clubs, the club life of the DJK nudlingen was interrupted due to corona since may and is now slowly starting again. This was the core message of all the board’s reports at the annual general meeting. The most important item on the agenda was the members’ resolution to install a new heating and water softening system in the clubhouse. "Our heating system is getting on in years", DJK chairwoman anita hofmann welcomed the board’s proposal.

In february, the council had already unanimously decided to replace the gas tank and to replace the gas heating and water softening system with a new one. The offers show a cost of 15,000 euros. This sum is to be taken from the club’s funds, for which, according to the valid articles of association, a majority decision of the members was necessary. All 20 present voted in favor of the motion. The new system is to be installed in the next few days.

Previously, in her annual report, the chairwoman had given the current number of members as 541, five less than the previous year. 120 of these are children and young people up to 21 years of age. Hofmann said she hoped to maintain this level of membership in the coming years "even though the trend is to stop taking on commitments and go to the gym". But with the further expansion of leisure and health courses as well as handball youth training and children’s gymnastics, it should be possible, said the chairwoman.

Honorary chairman helmut renner recalled the former high of 750 members. In his report on the events of the aktivsenioren, he also wished that the association would maintain the current level of activity. "DJK is the pulse of this community", he said.

"DJK is our most active club", confirmed the mayor and praised the wide range of activities offered, from children’s gymnastics to active seniors. He recalled that in june the municipal council had decided to increase the grants to associations by 50 percent on a one-time basis this year because of their corona-related revenue shortfall. Corona is also the reason why the sports award ceremony can only be held next year "as soon as possible".

"Nudlingen depends on the cooperation of its clubs", the head of the municipality spoke about the preparations for the 1250th anniversary of the municipality in his digging word. The administration recently engaged an agency from kissingen for the professional preparatory work and preparation. The responsible coordinator is hubert ziegler, the head of the city library. As soon as the municipal council has approved the concept, it intends to ask the associations for their cooperation.

Change of personnel

Finally, DJK chairwoman anita hofmann announced that sigrid memmel had asked to be relieved of the membership administration, which she had taken on in 2007 in addition to heading the volleyball department (since 2004). Laura hartmann was unanimously confirmed as the new membership administrator. Also johannes kiesel, team leader of the men’s tennis team, was appointed as a new member of the board of directors. He replaces michael weber, who has been in office since 2012 and resigned in april.