A happy day in Coburg as a thank you

A happy day in coburg as a thank you

The baur group honored its long-serving and deserving employees. On this occasion, the baur management had organized an "anniversary event" for them arranged.
After 25 and in some cases even 40 years of loyal service to the company, the management had dedicated an excursion day with an eventful program to the jubilarians. After the commemorative photo on the portal of the baur sports hall, the jubilarians set off by bus, with works council chairman horst bergmann once again taking the opportunity to drive the excursion bus in person. After the head of the department for social affairs, doris bergmann, and the personnel officer for social affairs, claudia fohrkolb, had buried everyone warmly, the veil was lifted, because coburg was announced as the stage destination. The first stop of the honored was the traditional cafe schubart, and here there was a cozy afternoon with coffee, cakes and pies, where everyone could sign up for the guided tour of the city or stroll leisurely and according to their own wishes through the veste city.
After that the second part of the excursion day started and from rodental we went to the parkrestaurant rosenau. As soon as they entered, it became clear in what historic surroundings the baur jubilarians found themselves, for after all, this aubergewohnliche restaurant business, which is surrounded by a park-like character, is said to have been built as early as 1820.
The highlight of the evening was the employee awards ceremony, during which all employees received a certificate from the chamber of industry and commerce of upper franconia, the double biography "the unequal siblings", dedicated to the company founder friedrich baur and his sister, and a book on the company's history and a specially designed anniversary calendar. After lunch, the employees of the baur group had a lot to laugh about, as the middle franconian cabaret artist oliver tissot, known to many from the "fastnacht in franken" is known, turned out to be. After a few light-hearted episodes, he turned to the high points of the baur company's history, which was of course also associated with many outstanding personalities. With a firework of wit, accurate punchlines and sophisticated wordplay, he took many people "for a ride" with a wink and strained the laughing muscles. So the evening came to a pleasurable conclusion.