“Moggerla” form up

What already happened at the "kerwa the first step was the founding of the "brauchtum- und dorfkulturverein hegnabrunner moggerla" put into practice. The official groundbreaking meeting was attended by nearly 30 sympathizers. They elected new marketer hannah kreuzer to head the new association. This made it clear that the community also wants to be active across local boundaries.

Ralf pistor, who was elected second chairman, recalled the kerwa this year, when it became clear "how difficult it was to find someone to take responsibility as an organizer". Fortunately, then the "TIK" preparer declares "otherwise the kerwa would not have come about at all". At a meeting afterwards, it was agreed that the kerwa should not be a one-day event.

Kerwa is just one task

"It was clear that in the future this could only be done with our own association", pistor said. The new association will provide the platform to organize such events in the future. "But it doesn't have to be only the kerwa, we can also do something else."

Nicolas peter, in charge of public relations, explained the name of the new association: "we wanted to express what we do and what we want to do in our community." with the addition of "moggerla" they were also looking for a unique selling point.

Ralf pistor made it clear that, of course, all citizens of the community can become members: "everyone is welcome!"

It was no coincidence that the 22-year-old industrial clerk hanna kreuzer was chosen. Ralf pistor: "the hannah has always been very committed." and hannah kreuzer added: "the work for the kerwa has been fun for me. I don't want to push myself into the foreground, but I hope that we will do it all together." but someone has to take over the presidency. "In any case, i did not resist being elected to office."

For ralf pistor, it was also important that there was a good mix of young and old on the executive board. "We want to educate our young people to take responsibility for their own lives. You also sometimes get the feeling that the interaction is not the way it used to be. That's why we want to work on getting back on track. We also want to get involved, for example, in the design of villages or old buildings. We also want to cooperate in the development of that."

And with the revival of the francophone tavern culture, pistor named a medium-term goal.

"I think we've got a good team in place, and it's working together," he said, chairwoman hannah kreuzer said after the elections.