Dam in northern england safe again – residents allowed to return

Dam in northern England safe again - residents allowed to return

Less than a week after being evacuated because of the threat of a dam bursting, residents of the northern english town of whaley bridge were allowed back into their homes. This was announced by the police on wednesday.

More than 1,500 people had been brought to safety because the dam was in danger of collapsing after prolonged heavy rainfall – life was in danger.

That from the 19. The toddbrook reservoir southeast of manchester, which dates back to the nineteenth century, had been severely damaged at one point by the tremendous pressure of the water. The helpers had to act very quickly. As a precautionary measure, several roads and railroad lines in the county of derbyshire were also closed off.

Millions of tons of water had destroyed the site when a dam burst, deputy police chief rachel swann said. "The danger could not be underestimated."According to the environmental agency, experts still have a lot of work ahead of them: the damaged dam must now be examined in detail and better protected for the future.

"This is fantastic," said resident bernie sharples when he learned of the success of the response team. "I can’t wait to get back to work either"."Prime minister boris johnson thanked all residents for their patience and the many helpers for their efforts in the twitter news service. The military was also involved.

Emergency crews had trimmed the structure of the damaged structure and significantly lowered the water level with the help of more than 20 high-powered pumps. In derbyshire, there had been unseasonably heavy rain in the preceding days. Within 48 hours, there was as much precipitation as normally occurs in a month and a half.

In the event of a dam burst, firefighters had already deployed six rescue boats in the area. Despite the danger to life, about two dozen people ignored all warnings and stayed in their homes – this also met with very strong criticism from the police. "We evacuated the area for a reason," swann said. To prevent looting in the town of 6500 inhabitants, the police had also deployed a drone.