Despite corona there was much to laugh

Despite corona there was much to laugh

Adelsdorf – with the crime comedy "morderkarussell" by sam bobrick and ron clark: "honestly: were you killed for love?? Because: three is one too many?" series of performances by the french summer theater in adelsdorf comes to an end.

The ensemble, consisting of more than 30 experienced professionals from the fields of acting, cabaret, music, singing, figure theater and theater pedagogy, is "migrating" with the thespis cart to about 70 selected venues – even to adelsdorf and far beyond. Because of corona, of course, only plays were chosen in which the number of actors was very manageable.

Due to the weather, the theater had been moved to the aischgrundhalle as a precautionary measure, and that was just as well. Mayor karsten fischkal () thanked both the organizers, be it from the theater, be it from the castle foundation or the hofhaus gmbh, but also the sponsors and emphasized: "it was a very moving year in the castle garden in the cultural sense. We are one step closer to achieving our goal of creating a cultural center in the castle."

Yvonne windischmann from the schloss adelsdorf foundation explained: "we liked the idea of using the palace garden as a theater backdrop. Because of corona there was nothing comparable. Next year the summer theater will also take place again, as well as other performances", she explained with satisfaction.

The events with the stiftung schloss adelsdorf as host were acquired by the hofhaus gmbh with its managing director andrea sieglitz-hoepffner. This had taken care of sponsors. Windischmann was responsible for the hygiene concept.

Briefly about the content of the play: arlene (carina kramer) and mitchell (jan burdinski), her dentist and lover, have already answered the question of whether they became dead for love with a resounding "yes" answered as they waited in a hotel room for arlene’s husband paul ( christoph ackermann) to arrive. In this comedy, the imposing triangular story grows into an exciting interplay of emotions and leads to some murderous entanglements. The murder merry-go-round is spinning faster and faster, and with it come punchlines, gags and other surprises. Only at the end you discover the hidden meaning and everything becomes clearer, because the viewer does not know at the beginning where the journey goes.

There was plenty to laugh about and friends of black humor got their money’s worth.