Rough use for destroyed tractor

The recovery of the fendt tractor with attached soil stabilization bevel on the road between herzogenaurach and dondorflein took until late at night. As already reported, was on monday at 15 o'clock a truck together with attached low loader in a curve from the strabe got off. While the train vehicle remained on the road, the low-loader together with the tractor weighing around 15 tons overturned and was completely destroyed.

The 24-year-old driver and his co-driver were uninjured in the spectacular accident. As it turned out in the evening, a water culvert was the cause of the flooding; the low-loader got stuck on it and turned over onto the roof. "After a few meters he would have been back on the street, if the passage had not been there", a colleague of the driver explained in the evening. Because the ditch became shallower again and it remained only with a corridor damage.

While the fire departments from herzogenaurach and hofen/zweifelsheim as well as steinbach were on duty in the afternoon, employees of the affected company and a salvage company arrived at the accident site in the late afternoon. The separation of the overhead low loader, which weighed only about four tons, was no problem for the truck-mounted crane and within a short time the low loader could be put back on its wheels.

Frase had to be separated

the turning of the destroyed tractor was a little bit more difficult. After the wreck was back on its wheels, the attached soil stabilization bevel had to be separated from the tractor. It was not until after 9 p.M. That the tractor and attachment were recovered and reloaded.

Although the firefighters had collected the operating materials from the upside-down tractor in tubs, some of them still got into the soil and had to be dredged out. In addition, the road surface was considerably damaged when the upside-down tractor slid over the asphalt.

Even in the evening, no information could be given about the extent of the damage, but it was likely to be in the high six-figure range. The road between herzogenaurach and the village remained closed until late in the evening.