Construction boom: school renovation will cost around half a million euros more

"We are no longer completely on schedule", said architect johannes messerschmitt from the office in bad kissingen. "I'm a little worried about winter. But there is no loss of quality." but despite the delay, the plan remains the same: the renovated school should be ready for occupancy in the coming school year after the summer vacations.
6.524 million euros were originally earmarked for the extensive construction project. But the current boom in construction has put a damper on the earlier cost estimates. According to the current status, the costs will rise to around 7.1 million euros. However, not all the work has yet been fully awarded to companies, so that a volume of around 7.5 million can be expected in the end. However, in the course of the planning also the desire for new school furniture had arisen, which were not planned at the beginning. "We continue to hope that we will stay on track and not face further unexpected cost increases", said mayor gerd kleinhenz (PWW) cautiously optimistic.
Lothar buhner submitted an application for the construction of three individual garages in bergstrabe in oberbach. The committee had no objections. Michael gehrlein wanted to set up a logopaedic practice in jahnstrabe in wildflecken and applied for a change of use for it. The approval was unanimous.

New: service portal on the internet

in the future it will be possible to pay with card in the municipal administration. The necessary technical equipment will be rented. In addition, the municipality wants to set up a burgerservice portal on the internet. Within the framework of the portal, citizens have the possibility of entering requests to the administration and forwarding them directly to the burgerburo for processing. For example, family certificates and election documents can then be applied for online. Chamberman dieter feller reported on the high value of data security in this project.