Aftershocks in italy and bulgaria

Aftershocks in italy and bulgaria

Many ran out into the open in panic. Whole families had spent the night in their cars, reported the news agency ansa.

Around 5000 people are currently in emergency shelters. Families whose homes have been destroyed can now receive 100 euros a month per family member, up to a maximum of 600 euros, according to the head of the civil defense, franco gabrielli on thursday. According to media reports, the government has agreed to waive the controversial new IMU property tax for earthquake victims for the time being. Throughout the provinces of bologna, modena, ferrara and mantua, the opera was performed until the 21st century. July the state of emergency was declared.

The new shocks hit again the area of the province of modena and were also felt in bologna and ferrara. "Fear has returned," said the mayor of the hard-hit municipality of finale emilia, fernando ferioli, according to ansa. "We are trying to convince people to return to their homes, if they are usable. But if these earthquakes continue, this will be impossible."As long as the aftershocks do not stop, there can be no peace and there is no progress. There was new destruction of already damaged buildings.

On sunday morning, a 6.0 magnitude quake damaged and partially collapsed houses, factories and historic buildings in the emilia romagna region. Seven people died and about 50 were injured.

In the past few days, the police had warned of text messages urging recipients to leave their homes for safety reasons. There is concern robbers could clear out abandoned apartments.

In western bulgaria, too, an aftershock of magnitude 4.0 jolted people out of a sleep. The epicenter was again located about 20 kilometers southwest of sofia near the small town of pernik, the bulgarian seismological institute announced. There were no casualties and no serious damage. Nevertheless, frightened residents of pernik fled from their apartments and houses. Many also spent the night outdoors or in their cars. It was one of the most violent aftershocks since the 5.8 earthquake that struck bulgaria on tuesday night. However, no people were injured in the most violent quake to hit the sofia area in almost a hundred years.