10 Out of 13 have the quali

10 out of 13 have the quali

Principal erika hanlein is pleased that the 13 students who graduated from the wildflecken middle school managed to complete their secondary education, and ten of them even passed the qualifying examination., and: "the prospects of finding an apprenticeship are currently better than ever before", hanlein is pleased.
Michael gerber from riedenberg graduated from school with a 2.0 as the best qualifier. The 16-year-old came to kinderdorf riedenberg in 2007. Since then he attends the secondary school wildflecken. As a deputy school and class representative, school crossing guard and recess helper, he had been involved in "conflicts", among other things his class teacher christiane helfrich praised him for avoiding the "bullying" among the schoolchildren.
"In september, i will start a three-and-a-half-year dual apprenticeship as a motor vehicle mechatronics technician at stadtwerke bad kissingen.", michael gerber is pleased with his training contract, for which around 50 schoolchildren had applied. "As part of my education, I would also like to obtain my intermediate certificate of secondary education and then attend a vocational high school. My goal is to graduate with a baccalaureate in electrical engineering", he plans.
"I enjoyed the five years I spent teaching at the middle school in wildflecken," says michael gerber, the 16-year-old looks back. The spacious facilities with two gymnasiums, a basketball and soccer court, and a rough playground helped to keep the "potential for conflict among the students to a minimum". "The fact that the school is located in the barracks was rarely noticed by the students." on the contrary, he describes the school, which is surrounded by meadows and woods, as an "oasis of peace" well remembered. "I am also sure that the elementary school students will feel at home here and that they will enjoy living together with the middle school students."
Listening to music, soccer, basketball and reading are among the graduate’s many interests. He is active as a percussionist in the riedenberg music band. "My favorite subjects are physics, chemistry, english and mathematics", betrayal michael.
The two SPD mayors alfred schrenk (wildflecken) and robert rommelt (riedenberg) brought the congratulations of their communities on the successful graduation from school. In their graduation speech, school representatives vanessa schneider and michael gerber noted that the school years had flown by. "A special highlight was the final trip to munich", they said, the schoolchildren were particularly impressed by the visit to the memorial in dachau. "You didn’t just listen, you questioned and discussed with a view beyond your own horizons", praised class teacher christiane helfrich. The ceremony was framed by the school choir and the school band under the direction of teacher gunter horning as well as jan martin, mandy martin and annalena kuhn.