Community of rugendorf drops stately birch tree

The oak processionary moth is to be dealt with throughout rugendorf. This was decided by the municipal council on monday evening. The oak tree on the village square in zettlitz is the first to be affected. Three nests were found on it, which must be removed.

The caterpillars of the oak processionary moth butterfly have stinging hairs on their backs during their development phase between may and july, which have a stinging toxin against predators and can cause a characteristic skin rash and severe itching in humans. At the suggestion of johannes heyl, however, the building yard is now to inspect all oak trees on public land in the municipal area for infestation and, if necessary, treat them.

Private citizens can participate

In addition, mayor gerhard theuer suggested that private citizens can also participate in the action, if they find an infestation of oak trees on their land, that would save them money. After the caterpillars must be fought as soon as possible, an infestation must be stopped at the latest by 19. June will be reported.

The caterpillars can be controlled in various ways, theuer said. However, he favors the heibwasser method without chemicals, in which the infested areas are sprinkled with nearly boiling water. According to offers he received, this cost around 150 euros per tree, which private individuals had to pay out of their own pockets.

Place under the oak locked

The oak tree in zettlitz had been inspected by district technical advisor friedhelm haun because deadwood had formed in its crown area that had to be removed for traffic safety reasons. Otherwise, the tree is healthy in terms of its trunk. Until the caterpillars discovered during the inspection have been removed, the small area around the tree will be closed off; the bench under the oak tree may not be used until then.

Martin hohlweg remarked that he did not believe "that many more people would want to settle under the oak tree", as the seating area is in a dilapidated condition. In fact, the winner plaques of the action "the more beautiful village" testify from the years 1976 and 1977 and "natural village square" from 1987 that the square has better days behind it. Nevertheless, the municipal council did not consider renovation of the small plant to be an urgent priority at present.

Another problem exists with the double-stemmed birch tree not far from the oak tree. One of the trunks leans heavily on the beam and could topple during a storm. The original idea was to stabilize the two trunks by connecting them with a crown brace. However, according to mayor theuer, during the inspection of the underground loach water reservoir next to the birch tree, it was found that its roots are already growing into the reservoir.

In order to preserve the holder, he therefore proposed to remove the tree "regrettably" to fall. Theuer pointed out that two young trees had already been planted in the immediate vicinity. This proposal was unanimously accepted by the council. The felling and the removal of the dead wood from the oak cost together 650 euros.

What happens to the floor?

The council has not yet decided how and whether to renovate the floor of the schoolhouse. The wooden floorboards, which had already been reground several times, were again in a desolate condition. To sand and resurface it, according to available quotes, was expected to cost between 6500 and 8500 euros. Two of the suppliers even questioned whether it would make sense to renovate the floor, which had been sanded dark in the meantime. A new floor, however, would cost 16,000 to 20,000 euros, said theuer. A site visit is to be held to determine the further course of action.

Two more dog toilets to be purchased for losau. The municipal council thus followed a request from the local community. In addition, martin hohlweg and johannes heyl suggested that dog owners should be reminded more clearly to deposit the used bucks in the collection container and not to throw them next to the paths. One toilet is placed near the bus stop; for the place of the second one the losauer are still to be asked.