The author couple was enthusiastic

The successful author couple iny klocke and elmar wohlrath (pseudonym iny lorentz), who wrote the bestseller "die wanderhure" (the wandering whore), are the authors of this book has written, was present at the premiere of her piece on the nature stage. When they heard that their novel "die wanderhure" had just been when the concert is played in trebgast, it was clear to both of them: "we want to be there." especially for elmar wohlrath this visit was connected with a special attraction, because he was born in rugendorf, but already at the age of half a year was "deported" to upper bavaria by his parents, as he emphasized. The author couple has published 55 books so far, they usually need three to four months for the written work. But the lead time for the research can sometimes take two years.

The idea for the "wanderhure" they had applied after reading a non-fiction book by author joachim fernau, which was about the council of constance and a whore uprising, among other things. "We were interested in the story, went there, did some on-site research – the riot really happened – and in 2003 the book was published."

After the 2019 premiere in bad hersfeld and a performance at runkelstein castle in sudtirol in 2015, trebgast is now the third time that the successful novel has been performed on an open-air stage.

They say about the trebgas production: "it was just great, we are still very emotionally touched. Director anja dechant-sundby got 110 percent out of the stage and 200 percent out of the active players. We could have watched for hours on end."