New urn field offers 253 additional grave sites

The city of herzogenaurach took account of the change in burial customs. Since the demand for urn graves at the new cemetery on martin luther square is increasing, a further facility with 253 urn graves for up to three urns each was created next to the existing facility on the watercourse. The urn chambers sit on a 60-centimeter-wide paved surface, the graves are bordered with granite paving and covered with gravel. "The construction site reminded me a lot of the residential area of herzo base, where there were also lawns everywhere" said pastor oliver schurrle with a smile, but it had turned out to be a very nice system.

"Two worlds meet in a cemetery", explained pastor schurrle, surviving relatives and of course the deceased. The cemetery is also a place for reflection and contemplation, and the beautiful grounds are an invitation to sit on a bench and enjoy the peace and quiet.

As mayor german hacker (SPD) explained before the inauguration, the appearance hardly differs from the previous urn field, only with a lot of greenery. The current grave fields resemble long beds, planted at the head and with automatic irrigation. The total area of the urn field is about 370 square meters and there will be more benches, assured jurgen lorenz, head of the public order department and the city cemetery.

Changing planting

The planning of the new facility was carried out by the civil registry office and the planning office, while the construction work was carried out by tiefbau rodl in cooperation with the civil engineering office and the construction yard. The construction costs for the urn box and the civil engineering as well as the excavation amounted to about 90,000 euros, the green area with planting cost about 20,000 euros. The cost per grave is 48 euros per year for a period of 20 years, i.E. 960 euros. The cost of the graves also includes the maintenance costs, which allow the planting to be replaced at least twice a year.