Thuringerwald association celebrated its foundation festival in a “wonderful spot on earth”

Thuringerwald Association celebrated its foundation festival in a

A fixed point in the calendar of the thuringerwald-verein coburg is its annual foundation festival. Second chairman helmut volk compared it to a birthday party. This year, the association with its 372 members celebrated its 112th anniversary on the sennigshohe near mirsdorf. Birthday celebration. As always, the focus was on honoring long-time members.

Before the board went into action, helmut volk described the history of the alexandrinenhutte, which was founded on 18. July 1936 was officially inaugurated. He recalled that this was built on the foundation walls of the alexandrinenturm, which was the highest vantage point in the coburg region from 1906 until it was blown up in 1936. Helmut volk was pleased that erika huhn, as a contemporary witness, was able to tell something about the demolition of the building. The former mirsdorf resident could remember very well that as a seven-year-old child she was afraid of being hit by a rock. "But the tower simply collapsed", the senior told the eagerly listening guests of the celebration. She reported with pleasure about the dance evenings, at which the former chairman carl escher played with his ship's piano. "I danced like a lump on a stick", dear you know – much to the delight of the visitors. In his historical summary, volk made it clear that a lot had happened on the sennigshohe. "The hut was equipped with running water, electricity, telephone and a clear system", reported the second chairman. Not without a certain pride, he emphasized: "we have a wonderful piece of earth here".

Dean i. R. Winfried zuger took over the part of a special honor. Helmut volk has been a member of the thuringerwald association for 60 years now. Zuger praised volk for not only being there, but also for taking on responsibility. "You are a signboard for the association, and I respectfully take my hat off to you", emphasized zuger. Helmut volk said with a mischievous smile that he had actually been with the association for much longer. "Thanks to my parents, i was there even before i was born", explained the 71-year-old today. "Every weekend was thuringerwald-verein announced", volk recalled his childhood and confessed: "sometimes it really annoyed me." today he could not imagine his life without "his association no longer present.