Special offer introduction class is in demand

On one evening in january, principal burkhard spachmann explained the special features of the introductory classes, which have now been part of the school’s educational program for ten years, to the upcoming graduates of the M branch of the secondary schools, the business school and the secondary modern schools. The interest was roughly.

Prerequisite for admission is a pedagogical report from the school attended so far, in which the student is certified as having unrestricted aptitude for the gymnasium. There is no fixed grade point average "but you should be able to offer above-average performance", it says in a press release of the school. The school management of the gymnasium decides on the admission to the introductory class.

During the school year, the students learn a second foreign language, if they do not already have one, and receive in-depth instruction in subjects relevant to the abitur, thus preparing them for the upper school. At the casimirianum gymnasium, students can either continue with the french they have learned or choose between spanish and italian for their second foreign language.

The advantage of going through the introductory class is that you can keep your options open. After passing the introductory class, the students are transferred to the upper school, where they take part in their individual program like all other students, and after a further two years and successful completion of the abitur examination, they obtain the general higher education entrance qualification.

All interested parties can get an impression of everyday school life on thursday, 20. February, the taster day at the gymnasium casimirianum, received. Everyone can get an idea of the lessons in individual subjects and questions are answered by experienced introductory class tutors, i.E. Schoolchildren who have already completed the program.

The next information event on the introductory class will take place on thursday, 23. April, at 18.30 a.M. In the auditorium of the casimirianum high school